14 Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves

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Here is the list of 14 Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves. This interesting guide will help you Identify them like an expert.

After reading this till the end, you’ll be able to identify the Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants growing around you. As these are not as harmful as poison ivy, you won’t need to get rid of them.

Poison Ivy Look-Alike Plants with Three Leaves

1. Boxelder

Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves 1

Botanical Name: Acer negundo

The boxelder tree bears leaves with a serrated edge, setting it apart from poison ivy. The three leaflets are similar and do not have the glossy sheen of their toxic counterpart. The tree’s structure distinguishes it from the vining nature of poison ivy.

2. Blackberry

Blackberry Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves 2

Botanical Name: Rubus

Blackberry bushes have sets of three leaflets that may be mistaken for poison ivy. However, blackberry leaves lack the characteristic shiny appearance of poison ivy, and their arrangement along prickly stems contrasts with the vine-like growth of the toxic plant.

3. RaspberryRaspberry Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves 2

Botanical Name: Rubus idaeus

In the early stages of growth, raspberry plants show off three sets of serrated leaves that resemble poison ivy. Yet, the absence of poison ivy’s reddish hue and the eventual development of distinctive berries make raspberry a non-toxic plant

4. Virginia CreeperVirginia Creeper Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves 4

Botanical Name: Parthenocissus quinquefolia

Virginia creeper showcases five leaflets rather than three, distinguishing it from poison ivy. Its vibrant red coloration in the fall adds a striking element, making it a beautiful landscape alternative.

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5. Hog Peanut

Hog Peanut Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves 5

Botanical Name: Amphicarpaea bracteata

Hog peanuts have clusters of three leaflets that might be confused with poison ivy. However, its delicate, pea-like flowers and subterranean peanut-like seeds unveil its harmless nature, differing significantly from poison ivy.

6. Boston Ivy Boston Ivy Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves 6

Botanical Name: Parthenocissus tricuspidata

With its three-lobed leaves, Boston Ivy shares a resemblance to poison ivy. Yet, its vibrant red foliage in the autumn distinguishes it from the notorious toxic plant.

7. Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Jack-in-the-Pulpit Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves 7

Botanical Name: Arisaema triphyllum

Jack-in-the-Pulpit also has three leaflets atop a distinctive hood-like structure. Unlike poison ivy, this plant is easily recognized by its unique flowers.

8. Strawberry

Strawberry Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves 2

Botanical Name: Fragaria Vesca

Among the leafy sprawl of strawberry plants, sets of three leaflets may look like poison ivy. However, it does not have a shiny or reddish appearance when young, and it is also low-growing.

9. Jewelweed

Jewelweed Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves 9

Botanical Name: Impatiens capensis

Jewelweed features clusters of three leaves that resemble poison ivy, but its translucent, succulent stems and vibrant orange flowers set it apart. Folk medicine claims suggest that jewelweed can even soothe the skin irritated by poison ivy.

10. Bushkiller Vine

Bushkiller Vine Poison Ivy Look Alike Plants with Three Leaves 2

Botanical Name: Cayratia japonica

As a climbing vine, bushkiller displays sets of three leaflets reminiscent of poison ivy. However, its smaller size, lack of toxicity, and distinct growth patterns make it less harmful.

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11. Fragrant Sumac

Fragrant Sumac Plants with Three Leaves 11

Botanical Name: Rhus aromatica

Fragrant Sumac is another plant with three sets of leaves that can bear a resemblance to poison ivy. However, its aromatic qualities, compact size, and red fall foliage make it a pleasant addition to gardens.

12. Dewberrybest Plants with Three Leaves

Botanical Name: Rubus caesius

Dewberry bushes have leaves in sets of three, which might make you think of poison ivy. But dewberries don’t have lustrous leaves like poison ivy, and they grow small black berries that are safe to eat.

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13. Kudzutop best Plants with Three Leaves 13

Botanical Name: Pueraria montana

Kudzu covers a lot of ground with big leaves in groups of three, similar to poison ivy. But unlike poison ivy, kudzu won’t give you a rash. It spreads a lot, though, and is considered a problem in favorable places.

14. Mock Strawberry

lovely Plants with Three Leaves

Botanical Name: Duchesnea indica

Mock Strawberry is a low-growing invasive species with leaves in groups of three. The leaves are more yellower than poison ivy and attach to the stem at a single central point. This differs from poison ivy leaves.

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