8 Plants that Look Like Marijuana

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Have you ever seen Plants that Look Like Marijuana? This list will make sure you don’t end up confusing other specimens with cannabis! 

Are you wondering if you’ve spotted the notorious cannabis plant, or are you mistaken? You’re not alone! Many plants out there bear a striking resemblance to weed, and knowing the difference can save you a lot of headaches and explaining. Here’s an exclusive list of Plants that Look Like Marijuana!

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Plants that Look Like Marijuana

1. Japanese Maple

 Plants that Look Like Marijuana

Botanical Name: Acer Palmatum

Japanese maple is a beautiful ornamental tree sometimes mistaken for young marijuana plants. It features a similar palmate leaf shape, with deep lobes radiating from a central point.

2. Southern Cone Marigold

Botanical Name: Tagetes minuta

The Southern marigold, also popular as Muster-John-Henry, is native to Central America and serves both culinary and medicinal purposes. During the seedling stage, its leaves closely resemble the marijuana plant.

3. Chaste Tree

 Plants that Look Like Marijuana 2

Botanical Name: Vitex agnus-castus

The Chaste Tree is popular for its vibrant purple blooms. Its aromatic foliage is mistaken for cannabis, primarily due to its similar appearance, especially at young stage.

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4. Kenaf


Botanical Name: Hibiscus cannabinus

This tall, fast-growing plant is cultivated for its strong, versatile fibers. From a distance, you will be hard-pressed to notice any difference between its and the leaves of a weed!

5. Texas Star Hibiscus

 Plants that Look Like Marijuana 6

Botanical Name: Hibiscus coccineus

The Texas Star Hibiscus is a striking plant native to the southern United States. Its foliage appears like a weed, with textured leaves having jagged edges.

6. Spider Flower


Botanical Name: Cleome hassleriana

Cleome is a wild plant native to North America that people sometimes mistake for weed. When Spider Flower is young, it looks like marijuana because it has long, spiky leaves.

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7. Coral Plant

Plants that Look Like Marijuana 9

Botanical Name: Jatropha multifida

Its leaves have seven to eleven lobes, which might seem similar to cannabis. But at a closer look, you’ll spot some clear differences from weed!

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8. Sweetfern

Botanical Name: Comptonia peregrina

It features green, segmented leaves that can create confusion at a glance! however, sweetfern leaves emit a distinct aroma when crushed.

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