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30 Stunning Indoor Plants in a Jar Ideas

Check out some amazing Pictures of Plants in a Jar that will give you an idea of how you can keep them in small places with ease!

If you want to keep Plants in a Jar, then you can take ideas from these eye-catching pictures that we have lined up for you!

Here are the best plants you can grow in vases and jars

Pictures of Plants in a Jar

1. Silver Dollar Plant

Plants in a Jar

2. Chinese Money Plant


3. Jade Plant

Plants in a Jar 2

4. Oxalis

5. Pothos

Plants in a Jar 3

6. Philodendron Cordatum

7. Lucky Bamboo

Plants in a Jar 4

8. Aloe Vera

9. Donkey Tail Plant

Plants in a Jar 5

10. Dragon Tree

11. Peace Lily

Plants in a Jar 15

12. Elephant Ears Plant

13. Snake Plant

Plants in a Jar 20

14. Anthurium

15. Calathea

Plants in a Jar 21

16. Ferns


17. Ivy

Plants in a Jar 22

18. Fiddle Leaf Fig


19. Prayer Plant

Plants in a Jar 23

20. Swiss Cheese Plant

21. Arrowhead

Plants in a Jar 26

22. Hosta

23. Dumb Cane

Plants in a Jar 31

24. Cordyline


25. Monstera

Plants in a Jar 36

26. English Ivy

27. Geranium

Plants in a Jar 33

28. Coleus


29. Wandering Jew

Plants in a Jar 65

30. Spider Plant



  1. CADE I think you are asking if the plants that have been in water can go into soil later. Yes they can but during their transition, you have to keep the soil a little more moist than usual. Thats what they’ve been used to. Gradually cut back ( wean them ) from so much moisture. I try to grow the moody ones in water😉…..less to fuss with

  2. I’m about to line my friend’s kitchen windowsill with these ideas – she’s been wanting some cuttings from my plants! Thanks for these ideas/specificying plants to use!
    I see some of these are in dirt; is that because they don’t do well in water?


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