15 Stunning Perennials That Look Like Zinnias

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Here are a bunch of gorgeous Perennials that Look Like Zinnias so much, you will have a hard time telling which one’s which!

From stunning dahlias to cheerful swamp sunflowers, here are some cheerful Perennials that look like zinnias with their intricate petals and vivid colors!

Perennials that Look Like Zinnias

1. Dahlia

Perennials That Look Like Zinnias

Botanical Name: Dahlia spp.

Dahlias boasts vibrant colors and unlike annual zinnias, these perennials return yearly, offering large, layered blooms, making sure your garden stands out every year!

2. Chrysanthemum

Perennials That Look Like Zinnias

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum spp.

Chrysanthemums are a perennial variety of daisies and these flowers resemble zinnias with their disk-shaped centers and petal formation.

3. Coreopsis

Perennials That Look Like Zinnias 3

Botanical Name: Coreopsis spp.

If you are looking for a perennial that looks like zinnias very much, then this needs to be your pick, especially in yellow color that makes the red centres stand out!

4. Blue-Eyed Grass

Perennials That Look Like Zinnias 2

Botanical Name: Sisyrinchium angustifolium

Blue-eyed grass is a perennial wildflower with blue or purple blooms. Its wheel-like petal arrangement resembles that of zinnias.

5. Oxeye Daisy

Perennials That Look Like Zinnias 5

Botanical Name: Leucanthemum vulgare

In some regions, the oxeye daisy is considered a nuisance weed for its invasive nature. It’s prized for its clusters of flowers that look the best in white color.

6. Marguerite Daisy

Perennials That Look Like Zinnias 6

Botanical Name: Argyranthemum frutescens

This one has yellow or pink flowers that look like zinnias from a distance. It thrives as a perennial in warmer zones 8-10—in other areas, it behaves as an annual.

7. Purple Coneflower

Botanical Name: Echinacea purpurea

Coneflowers are native to meadows or open woods of the U.S. Their daisy-like blooms share similarities with zinnias in color and central disks.

8. Black-Eyed Susan

Perennials That Look Like Zinnias 8

Botanical Name: Rudbeckia spp.

These perennials have yellow or orange petals with a dark centre, that are smaller and more spaced than zinnia blooms. They are favored for their extended bloom time.

9. Pot Marigold

 Zinnias like flowers 4

Botanical Name: Calendula

If you live in hardiness zones 9-11, then you can grow these as perennials. The plant has bright, zinnia-like flowers with yellow and orange hues.

10. Gerbera Daisy

 Zinnias like flowers 3

Botanical Name: Gerbera

Gerbera daisy is a tender perennial in hot parts of South Carolina, in USDA zones 8. These flowers are often linked with zinnias, especially in appearance.

11. African Daisy

Perennials looking like Zinnias

Botanical Name: Osteospermum

These gorgeous flowers are perennials in USDA zones 10-11 and have a similar look to that of Zinnias. African daisies come in various colors, including purple, pink, and white.

12. Gaillardia Zinnias like flowers 4

Botanical Name: Perennial Gaillardia

Gaillardia are tough and hardy plants that attract pollinators due to their nectar-rich flowers. Plant them anywhere they get bright, indirect light all day long.

13. Shasta Daisy

flowers looks like zinnia 5

Botanical Name: Leucanthemum × superbum

Shasta daisy shares similarities with a classic daisy, thanks to its white petals around a yellow disc that are often mistaken as a zinnia from a distance.

14. Stokes’ Aster

Perennials looking like Zinnias 5

Botanical Name: Stokesia laevis

Stokes Aster is a low perennial that makes for an excellent border plant. It has clusters of dark green leaves and violet-blue florets, resembling zinnias.

15. Swamp Sunflower

Perennials looking like Zinnias 6

Botanical Name: Helianthus angustifolius

Last on the list of perennials that look like zinnias is the swamp sunflower that showcases large yellow blooms, which match perfectly with its deep green foliage!

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