26 Stunning Perennial Combinations You Must Try Growing

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Design your landscape with Stunning Perennial Combinations for a unique display of color that can bring an instant appeal to your garden!

Add colors to your yard with these Stunning Perennial Combinations that will surely attract a lot of attention and appeal to the garden space!

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Stunning Perennial Combinations

1. Hosta and Astilbe

Brighten up the dark corners of your landscape with this beautiful perennial combination! The rosy-red blooms of astilbe shine when coupled with the blue-green and chartreuse leaves of hostas.

2. Coneflower and Prairie Dropseed

Coneflowers display a range of colors that match well with prairie dropseed’s compact appearance, which creates an attractive look. This perennial combination is sure to attract a lot of attention!

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3. Bumblesnow Salvia and Cat’s Meow Nepeta

Nepeta features dense and colorful blooms with upright growth. The white blooms of Salvia ‘Bumblesnow’ look great with blue flowers of nepeta and makes for a soothing display.

4. Coral Bell, Hostas, and Autumn Fern

‘Palace Purple Coral Bells’ are popular for deep purple leaves, and hosta ‘Kross Regal’ offers vase-shaped blue-green to gray-blue foliage. Autumn Fern ‘Brilliance’ creates a colorful fusion with orange-red fronds that offer a stunning contrast.

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5. Sedum Lemon Jade, Lythrum Purple Dwarf, and Aster


Sedum ‘Lemon Jade’ shows off citron-yellow blossoms, and Lythrum ‘Purple Dwarf’ produces bright pink blossoms. Aster ‘Kickin Lavender’ blooms profusely during fall and produces lavender color flowers that contrast well against yellow blossoms of sedum.

6. Native Wildflower Like Trillium and Blue Phlox

Trillium grandiflorum is an ornamental species with white petals that fade to pink or red when the flower matures. It looks great when combined with blue phlox. Do try this perennial combination!

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7. Mallow and Lilies


Add a layered look to your landscape by growing vertical, tall species of Mallow in the backside of the border. Team it up with Asiatic lilies for a striking scenery of blossoms.

8. Hollyhock and Heliopsis

Pink hollyhock creates an amazing pair when combined with the sun-loving, heat-tolerant sunflower-like yellow blooms of heliopsis.

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9. Cinnamon Fern and Tiarella Foam Flower

Tall cinnamon ferns rise above a serene bed of white blooms of tiarella, giving a glimpse of a calm, subtle look. These plants, together, are a must-have perennial combination!

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10. Homestead Purple Verbena and Mexican Feather Grass

Homestead Purple creates a display of bright, purple blooms from late spring to frost. Combine it with Mexican Feather Grass for a beautiful show of color.

11. Snapdragon and Tall Verbena

Snapdragon flowers from spring to fall in large, snout-shaped fragrant blooms. When paired with Tall Verbena with rich lilac blossoms in tight clusters, it creates a stunning scenery of colors and height.

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12. Mealy Cup Sage and Black-Eyed Susan


The rich violet-blue flower spikes of ‘Victoria Blue’ bloom from late spring to frost. You can combine it with the award-winning ‘Goldstrum’, which offers rich golden yellow flowers from mid-summer to early fall.

13. Miss Willmott’s Ghost and White Gaura

Miss Willmott’s Ghost’s densely-packed blossoms in a pale green hue look simply amazing with white gaura’s pink-tinged or white butterflies-like blooms. Do not miss this perennial combination!

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14 Black-Eyed Susan and Lavender

Sunny yellow blooms of black-eyed Susan look amazing with purple-hued aromatic lavender flowers; the contrasting heights give an adorable look.

15. Amsonia and Baptisia


This spectacular combination looks great together; these low-maintenance perennials create a beautiful contrast.

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16. Tiarella Sugar and Spice and Heucherella


The fragrant, frosty, showy white or pink blooms go together beautifully with vivid Heucherella ‘Sweet tea’. If you want a subtle and sweet perennial combination – this is it.

17. Dianthus, Thyme, and Armeria


The pink blooms of dianthus and Armeria will pair well with fragrant thyme leaves in your garden. They create a vibrant display that is simply hard to beat!

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18. Salvia and Catmint

This gorgeous summer combination is worth trying. The erect purple blossoms of these perennials stand out in the garden with alluring beauty.

19. Asters and Black-Eyed Susan

The mounds of orange-yellow blooms with black center eyes look amazing with purple asters in the garden. Make sure you choose a sunny spot to grow these plants together.

20. Coneflower and Bee Balm

Both of these perennials grow well together; plant them on garden beds, borders, or patios for a beautiful show of colors and texture. This is one of the most vivid perennial combination on this list.

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21. Rudbeckia and Liatris

The bright yellow blooms of rudbeckia create a stunning contrast against the tall and spiky purple flowers of Liatris.

22. Salvia and Coreopsis

This duo creates a bold and bright color combination, with the upright spires of salvia adding height to the sunny yellow blooms of the coreopsis.

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23. Irises and Dianthus

The tall and stately irises add a touch of elegance to the delicate and colorful blooms of the dianthus.

24. Alliums and Peonies

The bold, round blooms of alliums pair perfectly with the lush, fluffy flowers of peonies to create a stunning garden focal point.

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25. Daylilies and Coneflowers

The bright blooms of these two perennials are perfect for creating a cheerful and vibrant garden display.

26. Russian sage and Black Eyed Susan

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This combination provides a striking contrast of cool blues and hot yellows, making it a standout in any garden.

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