One Secret to Grow Any Plant From a Cutting

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Do you want to know about that One Secret to Grow Any Plant From a Cutting? Well, we are going to reveal the secret!


If you are looking for that One Secret to Grow Any Plant From a Cutting then we’ll help you out to ensure you always get 100% success while propagating plants!

Avoid these mistakes while propagating plants from cuttings 

One Secret to Grow Any Plant From a Cutting

The One Secret to Grow Any Plant From a Cutting is to make sure that you are taking the cutting always just below a node. As it is a powerhouse of cellular activity and growth, it will greatly enhance the chances of successful propagation by a HUGE margin!

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Identifying Nodes

You can easily find nodes as they are connected to the base of the leaf, bud, branch, or twig. To spot them easily, look for these signs.

  • A node is a knob-like spot on the stem like a ring or a swollen bulge.
  • Look for any parts on the stems that look like a ‘bridge’ or ‘joint’, that divides the stems into sections.
  • Nodes can also look like indented rings.
  • Some plants may have very small nodes and you may require a magnifying glass to spot them.

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The Right Way to Propagate Cuttings


Now that you have understood the importance of nodes, keep the following points in mind while propagating the cuttings:

  • Always take the cuttings 1 inch below the node.
  • Plant in a well-draining growing medium and ensure it gets plenty of bright but indirect sunlight.
  • Avoid watering the cuttings daily in the initial 2 weeks. Moisten the soil only when the top layer feels a little dry to the touch.
  • Depending on the plant, the cutting will form roots in 2-4 weeks.

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New Growth After Propagating Cuttings


As shown in the above image, once you have propagated using a cutting that is taken below the node, the new growth (roots) will appear in the growing medium. This is an indication of a successful propagation.

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