9 Stunning Nigerian Flowers

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Nigerian Flowers – this might not ring a bell for most of the gardeners out there, but these plants are worth the shot!

Nigeria boasts a wide variety of native Nigerian flowers that are synonyms to the country’s diverse ecosystems. These blooms are also vital for bees, butterflies, and birds, which play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance.

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Nigerian Flowers

1. King’s Mantle

Nigerian Flowers

Botanical Name: Thunbergia erecta

Also known as the bush clock vine,  these Nigerian flowers are native to East Africa and produce trumpet-shaped blooms in different colors, such as white, purple, and blue.

2. Mussaenda

Botanical Name: Mussaenda erythrophylla

Mussaenda, or Red Flag Bush, is an evergreen shrub that is Indigenous to West Africa, including Nigeria. It typically blooms in spring and summer.

3. Yellow Trumpet

Botanical Name: Costus spectabilis

The national flower of Nigeria, its bright yellow color represents the country’s rich culture. This plant is also used in many traditional rituals and has medicinal properties, too.

4. Gloriosa Lily

Botanical Name: Gloriosa superba

Gloriosa Lily is widely cultivated in Nigeria due to the fact that it thrives in rainy seasons and hot, humid lowlands —conditions that are abundantly available in Nigeria.

5. Celosia

Nigerian Flowers 7

Botanical Name: Celosia argentea

Celosia, with its drought-tolerant nature, is quite a common sight in Nigeria. It blooms in different colors and offers a shape that’s quite different from the most flowers out there!

6. Leopard Orchid

Botanical Name: Ansellia africana

This Nigerian flower is really unique, as you can tell by the pattern on its petals – striped like a leopard! It is native to Africa, including Nigeria, and does well in that climate.

7. Violet Tree

Botanical Name: Securidaca longepedunculata

Featuring violet-colored flowers, this deciduous tree is native to Nigeria and is well adapted to the hot climate and dry conditions there.

8. Bleeding Heart Vine

Best Nigerian Flowers 2

Botanical Name: Clerodendrum thomsoniae

This low-maintenance plant has its roots in West Africa, including Nigeria. If you want one, well, look at those flowers! Do you need any other reason to grow it?

9. African Tulip Tree

Beautiful Best Nigerian Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Spathodea campanulata

Native to West Africa including Nigeria, the African Tulip is a large deciduous tree that produces orange-red flowers much like tulip blooms.

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