If You’ll Read this, You’ll Never Need to Buy Another Pothos Again

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What if I tell you that you’ll never have to buy Pothos again after reading this article! Sounds tempting? Have its never-ending supply for free!

Never Need to Buy Another Pothos Again

We all want a houseplant that keeps on thriving and needs a little care – to add a cherry to this cake, how about having a one, which gives you so many plants that can gift to all your friends and family members? Surely a lottery, right? Keep reading!

Never Buy Pothos Again!

Yes, you are reading that right! What I’m about to tell you will equate to never having to buy this plant ever in your life – even for generations! This may sound too good to be true, but hear me out!

For this to work, all you have to do, is to find a beautiful and healthy specimen, either at your friend’s, or work place, a hotel, or a garden centre, or a park. (Or simply buy a cutting from any plant store – for cheap!)

Now, just ask the parent of that pothos for a 5-6 inches long cutting – see, if you have a thriving plant, you wouldn’t mind snipping a stem and giving it away for free, right? That’s the trick!

As pothos is really, and I mean REALLY easy to grow from cuttings, this makes this process work like a charm!

Having a Pothos Supply For Life!

Never Need to Buy Another Pothos Again

Now that you have got the cutting, you have got a treasure my friend!

Plant that cutting in a well draining potting mix, keep it at a spot where it basks in the morning sun for 3-4 hours, and after that, indirect light for the rest of the day – water when the topsoil feels a little dry to the touch and in 8-10 months, you will have a plant that’ll be big enough to take cuttings from.

See! You have cultivated a healthy plant of your own from a stem segment, and now you can take cuttings from it to grow more plants! You have got a jackpot! Keep on multiplying!

A Trick You Mustn’t Miss!

What I suggest is – instead of taking a single cutting from the usual golden pothos, be in a look out for some attractive ones like marble queen, Manjula, pearls and jade, silver, N-Joy, or snow queen pothos – this way, you will have a collection of striking specimens that you can multiply further endlessly!

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