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21 Must Do Things in Garden in Summers

The warm months are here and to make the best of them, here are some Must Do Things in Garden in Summers that you should definitely check out!

Invite and celebrate the warm months with these Must-Do Things in Garden in Summers with your loved ones!

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Must-Do Things in Garden in Summers

1. Start an Herb Garden

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers

An outdoor herb garden during summer is a good idea that will provide you with an endless supply of fresh herbs for mocktails and summer drinks.

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2. Arrange a Picnic


Instead of going miles away from home and suffer the heat while traveling, plan a picnic in your garden this summer and chill with your friends and family!

3. Grill Out in the Garden

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers 2

Take inspiration from this post and build a garden grill gazebo this summer for BBQ parties in less space outdoors.

4. Grow Vegetables


Having fresh veggies from your own garden is truly delightful – you can grow peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers in early summers.

5. Pick Strawberries

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers 3

Search for a berry farm near you and plan a summer activity there with friends. Follow safety precautions and come back with baskets full of juicy strawberries!

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6. Build a Fire Pit

Build a fire pit in your backyard, and enjoy the night around the fire. You can arrange backyard parties with friends too!

7. Enjoy Evening on a Hammock

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers 4

Have a relaxing summer evening and spend leisure time on a hammock. Check out the best outdoor hammock stand DIY here.

8. Collect Fresh Blooms

Pick the fresh colorful flowers you have grown in the garden all spring, and arrange them in a mason jar or DIY flower arrangement.

9. Plan a Camping

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers 5

If you have a spacious backyard, you can set your camping tent and chairs in the garden. You can also do the same by a lake or river.

10. Read a Book on a Garden Rug

Get a water-resistant, colorful, and patterned garden rug, to read your favorite book relaxing on it.

11. Spend Time on a Hanging Chair

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers 6

A metal hanging chair is the best way to grasp in all the green glory of your garden with flowers and birds in the evening.

12. Open Theatre

Hang a projection screen, put some fairy lights, comfy cushions, and have a delightful open-air cinema experience in the garden.

13. Build a Canopy

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers 7

You can plan a romantic dinner night under it or have an evening tea under the shade of the canopy.

14. Design a Pergola

Pergolas are the perfect idea to improve the curb appeal of your garden. They are easy to look after and can be made arranged to your liking.

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15. Kid-Friendly Ideas in the Garden

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers 8

Gardening with kids is a fun activity that has a positive impact on children’s growth. You can spend quality time with your little ones.

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16. Stargazing in Garden

Summer is also a great time to stargaze as it mostly has clear skies. You can do that from your garden or head to the nearest wilderness.

17. Mini Swimming pool

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers 9

A mini swimming pool in the backyard is an awesome idea to spend time with your kids, splashing down the summer heat. You can also purchase small, ready-made ones.

18. Make a Mini Shed

A mini shed in the large patio or backyard is a good idea to involve your kids where you can spend some quality time with them in the vicinity of greenery.

19. Lanterns Over a Dining Table

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers 10

Hanging lanterns on top of an open-air dining table will surely double the fun of having dinner at night!

20. Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is another awesome idea to spend a leisure weekend evening in your garden.

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21. Make an Insects Hotel

Must Do Things in Garden in Summers 11

Inviting pesky insects might not sound like a good idea at first, but it will help your kids to watch and identify them in summer!


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