8 Ideas for Making a Mosquito Repelling Container

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Making a Mosquito Repelling Container is a cool idea to kep these pesky insects away, while adding a colorful flair to the space!

If you’re bothered by mosquitoes in your space, it’s time to combat them by growing a mix of repellent plants that not only beautify your surroundings but also keep mosquitoes at bay.

Mosquitoes Repel Mix Container

Combination 1: Citronella, Lavender and Catnip

Mosquito Repelling Container

Plant citronella in the center as it can grow tall and surround it with lavender and catnip. Citronella masks mosquito-attracting scents, while lavender and catnip emit repellent fragrances.

Combination 2: Marigolds, Basil and Lemon Balm

Mosquito Repelling mix plant in garden

Another plant combination you can try is marigolds, basil and lemon balm. Arrange marigolds around the edge, with basil and lemon balm in the center.

Marigolds emit pyrethrum to repel mosquitoes, basil has estragole and linalool for the same purpose, and lemon balm acts like citronella to keep mosquitoes away.

Combination 3: Rosemary, Geraniums and Peppermint

Mosquito Repelling Container 3

Plant rosemary at the center surrounded with geraniums and peppermint. One extra tip – peppermint can spread quickly, so you may want to plant it in a smaller pot buried inside the larger container to manage its growth.

Rosemary has cineole and camphor, geraniums release geraniol, and peppermint contains menthol and pulegone, all of which mosquitoes find undesirable.

Combination 4: Garlic, Chives and Lemongrass

Mosquito Repelling mix planter

Try growing garlic, chives and lemongrass together. Start with lemongrass as the focal point and place garlic cloves with chive plants around the lemongrass, spacing them out evenly.

Garlic produces allicin, chives contain sulfide compounds similar to garlic and lemongrass is high in citral and geraniol which all work well against mosquitoes.

Combination 5: Bee Balm, Mint and Floss Flower

Mosquito Repelling Container 7

Position the mint along the edge to manage its dominance while allowing bee balm and floss flower to fill the center and sides. These plants thrive in partial to full sun and require soil that stays moist but drains well.

Bee balm contains thymol oil, a natural insect deterrent, while mint emits a strong menthol scent to repel mosquitoes. Floss flower produces coumarin, which mosquitoes dislike, akin to commercial repellents.

Combination 6: Pennyroyal, Allium, and Petunias

Beautiful Mosquito Repelling planter

For this trio, plant allium bulbs in the center surrounded by pennyroyal and petunias. Pennyroyal repels mosquitoes with its strong minty scent, while allium naturally repels pests with its sulfur smell.

Petunias, though less potent, also help keep insects away with their mild scent.

Combination 7: Marigold, Thai Basil, Red Basil, Oregano, and Sage

Mosquito Repelling Container 11

For this arrangement, you can plant as you wish, keeping the marigold in the centre, as it is the most potent. You can then use both the basils at the circumference of the container to make it appear contrasty and vivid!

Sage varieties can be planted anywhere! Do remember to crush the leaves and flowers from time to time!

Combination 8: Marigold, Lavender, Pineapple Mint, Floss Flower, and Oregano

Mosquito Repelling planter mix in garden

Last mosquito repelling container you can make is by keeping Calendula ‘Bon Bon Bright Yellow’ in the centre to make the color pop, and then surround it with Lavandula angustifolia ‘Thumbelina Leigh’. As it is a compact herb, it will be much easier to grow in the container.

Add mint, floss flower, and oregano to make the mosquito pot ready to keep these buzzy insects away!

To grow all these plants in a same container, pick a one that’s at least 18-22 inches deep and wide. 

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