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Moringa Tea & Its Benefits

If you are a health conscious person and want to stop sipping caffeine infused drinks like tea and coffee, try moringa tea. Moringa tea is made from air dried leaves of moringa tree (drumstick tree), read our guide on how to grow it. Gardeners living in subtropical or tropical regions can easily grow it; even if you’re living in colder zone below 9 you can grow it in a container.

Make Moringa Tea

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This article is focused on how to make moringa tea and its benefits. If you’ve planted moringa in your garden you can easily make tea from its leaves, it’s simple and inexpensive read how you can do this.

Making Moringa Tea Powder

Get freshly picked moringa leaves and dry them in shade for couple of weeks (*in sun it becomes less nutritious) until it turns crisp. After air drying, collect and grind its leaves to pulverize, this will make your moringa tea powder. Save it in an airtight jar.

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Preparing Moringa tea

To prepare its tea, add the same amount of moringa powder like when you make a tea or coffee in a cup of water, mix some sugar or honey and lemon. Additionally, if you have holy basil or mint, add this too for extra flavor. This will make a perfect herbal moringa tea. You can use coffee maker or brew it in a pan.

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Why you should start sipping Moringa tea:

Because it’s a better option than green tea.

  1. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins than any other supplements available.
  2. If you drink it daily, it helps in weight loss.
  3. It also improves sex drive and digestion.
  4. It can cure anemia, and fatigue and boost immune system.
  5. It helps in asthma, skin infection and prevent joint pain.
  6. There are many more benefits— it’s helpful in insomnia, if you are suffering from diabetes it controls blood sugar and provides relief in anxiety disorder and depression.

Do you know moringa tea is rich in antioxidant, better ORAC value score (157,000 umole) than green tea (just 1,240 umole). *ORAC value is used to measure antioxidants present in food and supplement.

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