3 Beautiful May Birth Month Flowers and Their Meaning

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These May Birth Month Flowers make a perfect gift for anyone who’s born in the time of summer!

Signifying renewal and beauty, the fifth month of the year is the time when some stunning flowers start to bloom, making them an apt choice for gifting to those who have their birthdays in a similar time period!

May Birth Month Flowers

1. Lily of the Valley

May Birth Month Flowers

Botanical Name: Convallaria majalis

Popular for its sweet scent, lily of the valley is great not only for containers, but for the bouquets, too! Why this can be a perfect may birth month flower is because of the time it blooms—typically around the fifth month of the year, when it produces flowers in clusters with an unmistaken bell shape!

Another reason why it must be on your radar for gifting is because of the symbolism it holds. The flower symbolizes purity, sweetness, and the return of happiness.

Also, because it blooms at the same time as the summer comes, it also signifies the renewal of life after the cold winter months.

2. Hawthorn

Botanical Name: Crataegus

Hawthorn also blooms around summer, which makes it a great pick as may birth month flower. The best part? These blossoms have a delightful sweet fragrance, making them a great addition to mixed bouquets, too!

These flowers represent hope and happiness. If you will gift them in white hue, it symbolizes love, fertility, and protection, making it a great choice for someone you have deep feelings for.

3. Lily

May Birth Month Flowers 2

Botanical Name: Lilium

What makes Lily flowers one of the best gifting options for birthday, is the shape and colors! Also, the mesmerising fragrance of these blooms, which have a mix of sweet and earthly scent, makes them THE flower of choice for someone special’s birthday!

Lilies, symbolize purity and renewal, mirroring the essence of summertime. They also represent growth and rebirth, the reason why they are on everyone’s list as birthday flowers for people born in may!

Asiatic, Oriental, and Trumpet lilies are some of the best choices as they come in multitude of colors, representing joy and love.

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