27 Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

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Transform your front yard into a gorgeous oasis with these creative and practical Landscaping Ideas for Front of House!

We’ve got some awesome Landscaping Ideas for Front of House that will help you transform your front yard into a stunning outdoor oasis. Get ready to wow your neighbors and make your home the envy of the block!

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

1. Dense Trees and Boulders

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 1

This combination of trees with a thick cover and boulders paired with red blooms is a great idea if you want something low-maintenance that makes a statement.

2. Dense Groundcovers

Create a front yard full of dense shrubs with a mix of different colored foliage that will add a beautiful touch to your home.

3. Boxwood Pathway

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 3

Who doesn’t love a grand entry to their house? Add a stone pathway lined with some boxwoods, and everyone will line up to see its beauty.

4. Play with Circles

Go for a touch of modern and play with circular patterns like this gravel bed around the palm tree and round stone pathway.

5. Glam with Color

Turn a simple garden bed into a stunning piece of art by sectioning it off and topping each one with stones of gray, white, black, and brown.

6. A Mix of Foliages

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 6

Go for this dense mix of a variety of plants and blooms to add a unique touch to the front of your home and get a little privacy.

7. White Gravel Bed and Stone Boundary

Check out how amazing and gorgeous this white gravel bed looks with a boundary of stone blocks and bright golden-green foliage.

8. Rocky Garden Bed

Create a small garden bed with your favorite plants but add a unique touch with a boundary of white rocks.

9. Bird Bath with Trimmed Foliage

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 9

Looking for a cheap and easy-to-do idea? Just go with a bird bath along with tiny shrubs and perfectly trimmed foliage.

10. Mulch Bed and Bright Colors

Go for a dark gravel or garden bed covered in mulch full of bright-colored foliage that will allure everyone.

11. A Magnificent Palm

Go minimal but long with this lovely idea of a large palm in the center of the front garden with a white rock bed.

12. Wooden Boundary

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 12

Have wooden blocks lying around the house? Put them to good use and add a boundary of wooden blocks and some white pebbles to a garden bed and see how they light up your home.

13. Massive Agave Planters

Don’t want the hassle of a large garden bed? Cover it with white rocks and go with these massive dark Agave planters.

14. Variegated Hedge

Add some curb appeal to the front of your house by lining the pathway with some variegated foliage to add a touch of exotic.

15. Pathway of Stairs

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 15

Adding a pathway of stairs leading to your house is definitely a step in the right direction if you’re looking for a unique and beautiful idea.

16. Pink Blooms and Bricks

Both the brick path and the stunning pink bloom trees will make your home the envy of all neighbors.

17. Mix Modern Style with the Desert

Add a large garden bed full of desert shrubs and beautiful colored varieties, but don’t forget the stone path and boulders.

18. Flagstone Boundary and Shrubs

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 18

Add some safety and a ton of appeal with some flagstone landscaping and adding dark and light green foliage to the scene.

19. A Pair of Shrubs

A simple and beautiful idea is adding a pair of large shrubs near the pathway and going with a living wall around the entrance.

20. A Wooden Bench for Cozy Sitting

Why not go for a simple wooden bench surrounded by beautiful planters, trees, and garden beds for a cozy sitting place where every passerby would want to chill?

21. A Pink Flower Bed

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 21

Pick your favorite color and take inspiration from this pink and green flower bed to spruce up the front of your house.

22. A Dreamy Hydrangea Entrance

Go with colorful and lush hydrangeas for the front of the house and witness everyone lining up to take a picture with these beauties.

23. Add Some Tropical Vibes

Why not go with some tropical vibes by adding a large garden bed with a large palm tree and tropical plants?

24. Lit Up Curb

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 24

Check out how stunning and wonderful this front yard looks! You just need some of your favorite plants paired with beautiful halogen lamps.

25. Golden Shrubs in Mulch

Cover up the garden bed with mulch to give it a dark aesthetic, and add some bright green and golden plants for the perfect mix.

26. Spruce Up the Path

Spruce up the path to your house with some grass patterns, and add some vines to your home.

27. Pink Blooms and Wooden Fence

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 27

Look what wonders a pink bloom-lined pathway and wooden fence can do for the front of your house.

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