10 Indoor Plants with 4 Color Leaves

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You might know about Croton and Polka Dot indoor plants. But did you know that Begonia, Fittonia, Ctenanthe, Tradescantia, Stromanthe, Cordyline, and Neoregelia also have varieties with 4 color leaves?

Here is an inclusive guide on Indoor Plants with 4 Color Leaves that will surely bring pretty hues to your home! 

Indoor plants with four-color leaves can be great living examples of nature’s artistry right in your living space! Read on to discover how these extraordinary plants can add a splash of color to your indoor garden.

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Indoor Plants with 4 Color Leaves

1. Croton

Plants with 4 Color Leaves 1

Variety: “Firestar”

Colors: Green, yellow, orange, and red

Stunning star-shaped leaves with a vibrant palette of green, yellow, orange, and fiery red accents make the Firestar Croton a visually striking choice.

2. Rex Begonia

 4 Color Leaves plant

Variety: “Stained Glass”

Colors: Green, pink, silver, and red

Its vivid leaves look like a stained glass, featuring green, pink, and silver veins, hence the name! It is a must have indoor plant that you simply can’t ignore!

3. Hypoestes phyllostachya (Polka Dot Plant)

Variety: “Strawberry Shake”

Colors: Green, pink, white, and purple

Light green leaves adorned with vibrant pink polka dots, outlined in white, give the Strawberry Shake Polka Dot Plant a playful and charming appearance!

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4. Cissus Discolor (Rex Begonia Vine)

4 Color Leaves plant 4

Variety: “Frosted Jade”

Colors: green, silver, maroon, and pink

With leaves having intricate silver speckles, maroon edges, and subtle pink highlights – what’s not to like in the Rex Grape Ivy?!

5. Fittonia petoviana

Plants with 4 Color Leaves 5

Variety: “Jungle Queen”

Colors: Green, pink, white, and cream

With dainty foliage showing a mix of green, pink, white, and cream patterns, this Jungle Queen adds a lovely touch to indoor spaces.

6. Ctenanthe setosa (Silver Back Ctenanthe)

Plants with 4 Color Leaves 6

Variety: “Grey Star”

Colors: Velvety green, silver, dark pink, and burgundy

This eye-catching plant flaunts velvety green leaves adorned with silvery-green stripes! A prominent dark pink central vein and subtle burgundy edges make it truly an eye catcher!

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7. Tradescantia zebrina

Plants with 4 Color Leaves 7

Variety: “Purple Velvet”

Colors: Green, silver, purple, and pink

This Wandering Jew variety has lush green vines, soft leaves with silver stripes, and a deep purple color accentuated by delicate pink highlights.

8. Triostar Stromanthe

Variety: “Radiant Bliss”

Colors: Pink, green, cream, and burgundy

The elongated folaige of this plant has a beautiful combinations of 4 colors! If you always wanted a focal point for your living room – THIS is it!

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9. Cordyline Bolero

Cordyline Bolero 9

Variety: “Waihee Rainbow”

Colors: Yellow, red, pink, green

The glossy leaves of this Cordyline have beautiful yellow, green, bright red, and pink hues. It has long, narrow leaves and a nice branching form.

10. Neoregelia

Neoregelia Potted Plant 10

Variety: “Wild Rabbit”

Colors: Green, red, yellow, black

This one has beautiful green leaves with yellow outlines and a beautiful pattern of red covering them. The centers are dark burgundy-black, creating a contrast.

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