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7 Exotic Indoor Ferns that Climb

Ever heard about Indoor Ferns that Climb? We bet not! Find out some unique varieties in this article that offer an eye-catching view!

Ferns are quite popular, thanks to their easy to grow and low-maintenance nature. Here are some rare and unique Indoor Ferns that Climb that you can grow for that awesome look in your rooms!

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Spectacular Indoor Ferns that Climb

1. Climbing Maidenhair Fern

Indoor Ferns that Climb

Botanical Name: Lygodium microphyllum

The other names of this climbing fern include snake and small-leaf climbing fern. It has gray-green leaves and does well in shade to full sun.

2. Bushman’s Mattress


Botanical Name: Lygodium articulatum

This distinct fern grows in a vine-like pattern and spreads into a canopy form. Give it the right support to climb and it will tangle beautifully!

3. American Climbing Fern

Indoor Ferns that Climb 2

Botanical Name: Lygodium palmatum

Also known as the Hartford fern, it is an endangered species in many states. The plant has thin wiry stems with palmately lobed leaves. Grow it indoors in a bright, sunny spot.

4. Climbing Asparagus Fern


Botanical Name: Asparagus setaceus

This elegant fern produces long wiry and twining stems filled with bright green, feathery fronds. Grow this fern in bright, indirect light.

5. Wild Asian Climbing Fern

Indoor Ferns that Climb 3

Botanical Name: Lygodium circinatum

This evergreen fern has short creeping rhizomes that extend and climb infinitely. It can grow as long as you allow it. As an indoor plant, give this fern plenty of sunlight.

6. Staghorn Fern

Botanical Name: Platycerium

This trendy plant is admired for distinct flat and long green leaves. While growing indoors, it prefers shade and moderate moisture.

7. Hay Scented Fern

Indoor Ferns that Climb 4

Botanical Name: Dennstaedtia punctilobula

This beautiful fern is popular for hay-like fragrance, which gets more intense in the fall when the bright green fronds become soft, rustic brown. Grow it in an area with direct morning sunlight.


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