How to Propagate Geraniums

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Learn How to Propagate Geraniums in a fun and easy way to multiply these stunning flowers. You can give them away as gifts to your loved ones!

How to Propagate Geraniums

One of the best flowers for window boxes and borders, Geraniums offer a splash of colors that go well with every place you grow them! If you too want to include them in your collection, then here’s all the information you need on How to Propagate Geraniums!

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Lively geraniums blooms are the favorite of gardeners because of the fact that they are easy to grow as long as you provide them plenty of bright light. The flowers look fantastic in window boxes, borders, and beds.

How to Propagate Geraniums

Geraniums grow best from stem cuttings:

  • Take the cuttings when new growth is in full blush and before buds appear, at any time in the growing season.
  • While growing geraniums as annuals, take cuttings during fall before the plants fade, so you will have fresh new growth to plant in spring.
  • Select a sturdy stem with healthy foliage, do not take new growth and old woody stems.
  • Use sharp, clean pruners to snip away 4-6 inches of cutting, below the node.
  • Remove lower foliage, leaf buds, and flowers except for two or three leaves.
  • Plant the cutting in a pot filled with a quality potting mix or plant it directly in the garden.
  • Keep the soil slightly moist but not soggy or entirely dry.

Rooting Geranium Cuttings in Water

How to Propagate Geraniums 2

You can also grow the cuttings in water. Put them in a vase filled with non-chlorinated water, and place it on a sunny windowsill. Change the water every 3-4 days days. The roots will appear in 4-5 weeks.

Fun Fact: You can also grow geraniums in the sand! Put the cutting in a pot full of sand, and make sure that you are keeping it moist by spraying water every 1-2 days. Keep it at a location where it gets bright light, and it will root in a few week’s time. 

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