How Coconut Water for Plants is the Most Amazing Organic Fertilizer

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Do you want to know How Coconut Water for Plants is the Most Amazing Organic Fertilizer and Rooting Hormone? You will be surprised by its miraculous results!

How Coconut Water for Plants is the Most Amazing Organic Fertilizer

Coconut offers tonnes of benefits to the human body as it is rich in vitamins and minerals and provides a healthy dose of all the essential nutrients! Similarly, Coconut Water for Plants is also advantageous for them, and it’s scientifically proven. Want to know how? Let’s have a look!

Here are some amazing uses of coconut oil in the garden

How Does Coconut Water Help?


In a report published by the Centro Escolar University of the Philippines, coconut water is as effective as commercial liquid fertilizer. Another study states that the application of coconut water enhances the soil nutrient availability and uptake of NPK and other essential plant elements, which results in an increased number of pods per pot and grain yield.

It also helps in the buildup of soil nitrogen, solubilization of soil phosphorus, and potassium resulting in increased nutrient uptake and yield.

A report published by the Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group, Singapore, states that coconut water is an important additive in the tissue culture media of several plants, including orchids and medicinal herbs. The cytokinins found in it also support cell division and promote rapid growth.

Another report states that the source of microorganisms from coconut water + molasses has N, P, K, and C components of 0.09; 0.04; 10.5, and 1.74, respectively.

Benefits of Coconut Water 

How Coconut Water for Plants is the Most Amazing Organic Fertilizer 2
  1. Coconut water contains Gibberellic acid, which helps to boost the germination of seeds and speeds up root development.
  2. It is an excellent source of magnesium, calcium, and other beneficial minerals that will provide an additional boost in a plant’s growth.
  3. Coconut water contains cytokinin hormones that also trigger the plants to divide their cells into growing shoots and roots, resulting in bushier growth. One report states that Coconut milk and water, which is the liquid endosperm, stimulate cell division.
  4. Being rich in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, it offers uncontaminated nutritional support for the development of good bacteria that are vital for plant growth.
  5. All this proves that it is an efficient organic fertilizer provided by nature.

How to Use Coconut Water to Fertilize Plants?

  • Mix 50-100 ml of pure coconut water in a liter of water, shake well, and use it to water plants once in 2-4 weeks. Due to the high amount of growth hormones present in it, this natural fertilizer will help in more vigorous root development and induce foliage growth.
  • You can also spray it on the foliage of your houseplants, herbs, vegetables, and flowering annuals and perennials to make them lush and bushier. Do not expose the plants to direct sunlight after its application.
  • You can also apply coconut water to emerging seedlings to boost their growth.
  • Providing coconut water to recently repotted plants helps in reducing transplant shock.

Coconut Water as Rooting Hormone

As coconut water contains Auxins (plant hormones that regulate growth), you can use it as a successful rooting hormone. According to one Sri Lankan study–coconut water was used to propagate Ixora plant cuttings, and the result was positive; you can read more about it at Research Gate.

This Nigerian study here on bougainvillea cutting propagation also supports this claim!

  • To use coconut water as a rooting hormone, you’ll need to dip the ends of plant cuttings in coconut water for 5 to 15 minutes before planting for optimum results.

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  1. hi

    is there a use for coconut water tapped from young green, that has been in the fridge for over 7 days. can it be added to compost etc.. or can i still use it to water plants directly/diluted with water.. what is the shelf life to use for plants.. all i can find online is for human consumption.. that says 4-5 days stored cold..
    seems like a good idea to add it to your list. as i dont want to throw the coconut water out if its still fine to use for plants..
    thanks in advance
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