Growing Gerbera Daisy From Cuttings | How to Grow Gerbera Daisy

By Growing Gerbera Daisy from Cuttings, you can create many clones of this air-purifying flowering houseplant in no time.

Growing Gerbera Daisy from Cuttings

Gerbera daisies are native to South Africa and offer large, vibrant daisy-like blooms in red, pink, purple, orange, off-white, and peach. If you want to enjoy its bloom and save time–try Growing Gerbera Daisy from Cuttings! Here are all the details.

Botanical Name: Gerbera jamesonii

USDA Zone: 8-11

Here is a detailed list of some great indoor plants you can grow from cuttings

Growing Gerbera Daisy from Cuttings

  • Take 6-8 inches of cutting from a healthy gerbera daisy plant. Make sure not to cut deeply as it might damage the donor plant severely.
  • Remove any flowers or buds from the top of the stem and all the bottom leaves as well.
  • Dip the cut end of gerbera cutting into a rooting hormone and plant that into a pot filled with quality potting mix.
  • Lightly mist the soil and cover the cutting with a plastic bag.
  • Mist every day to maintain the moisture.
  • Place the container where it can get bright and indirect light and warmth.
  • Gently lift the cutting from the pot after 10-14 days. If it resists, it’s an indication that it has formed roots, and you can now plant it in an individual container.

Propagation from Seeds

Growing Gerbera Daisy from Cuttings 2

Though growing gerbera daisies from seeds might not be as quick as cuttings, it is also one of the preferred ways:

  • The seeds can be grown in individual containers or seed trays.
  • Fill them up with equal parts of vermiculite, perlite, and sphagnum moss.
  • Place one or two seeds in the center of the container or seed tray and cover well with soil.
  • Envelop the container/seed tray with a plastic bag and locate them in an area where it receives moderate sunlight.
  • The seeds will germinate in 8-15 days.

Learn more about indoor gerbera daisy care here


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