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11 Beautiful Flowers with Smiley Face | Smiling Flowers

Check out these wonderful Flowers with Smiley Face for your garden that will definitely put a smile on your face.

Want some amazing blooms for your home that will uplift the vibes? Here are Flowers with Smiley Face to add a touch of personality and charm to any garden. These beautiful flowers will always smile back at you and brighten your day.

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Flowers with Smiley Face

1. Ascda Smiley

Flowers with Smiley Face

Botanical Name: × Ascocenda

This beautiful purple Ascda flower comes with large petals that uplift the beautiful smiley face you see in between.

2. Smiling Pansy

Botanical Name: Viola tricolor var. hortensis

One of the best Flowers with Smiley Face, these pansies are a mix of brilliant faded purple and bright yellow. These blooms have three petals arranged together with violet patterns on each of these that come together to form a smiley face.

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3. Laughing Bumble Bee Orchid

Flowers with Smiley Face 3

Botanical Name: Ophrys bombyliflora

The Bumblebee Orchid is an amazing variety of yellow, green, and black colors that make it look like a bee. But if you look at the flower closely, you’ll notice it has a happy and smiley face staring back at you.

4. Happy Alien


Botanical Name: Calceolaria uniflora

One of the rarest and most unique Flowers with Smiley Face, the Happy Alien flower resembles the body of an alien with its vibrant yellow, white, and red colors. You can also see the smiley face of an alive at the top with two popping eyes and a green mouth.

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5. Catasetum Orchid

Flowers with Smiley Face 5

Botanical Name: Catasetum epiphytic

Another Orchid with a smiley face, the Catasetum Epiphytic, is a wonderful bloom of yellow and green with dark red-brown eyes, a pointy nose, and a smile that graces the plant naturally.

6. Vanda Orchid


Botanical Name: Vanda tessellata

Known for its spreading flowers of a bright yellow covered in pink veins and spots, the Vanda Orchid also has a smiley face in the center of the flower with two pink eyes and a wide smile.

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7. Aliceara Donald Halliday ‘Smile Eri’

Flowers with Smiley Face 7

Botanical Name: Aliceara Tahoma Glacier x Oncidium Richard Waugh

A hybrid orchid characterized by its large, brightly colored flowers that resemble a smiley face. The blooms of Aliceara Donald Halliday ‘Smile Eri’ typically have a yellow or orange center, with contrasting pink or purple petals that form the smiling mouth.

8. Blue Passionflower

Botanical Name: Passiflora caerulea

The blue passionflower is a climbing vine that is known for its unique and striking appearance, characterized by its large, deep blue or violet-colored smiley flowers and outlined lip red lips.

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9. Kohleria


Botanical Name: Kohleria

Kohleria have been known to resemble a smiley face due to their brightly colored, showy flowers that look like an open mouth and two white anthers that look like teeth.

10. Lindenbergia

Flowers with Smiley Face 10

Botanical Name: Lindenbergia Indica

Like Kohleria, the yellow blooms of the Lindenbergia Indica make it one of the best Flowers with Smiley Face as they resemble a happy wide smile.

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11. Lips Plant

Botanical Name: Conophytum pageae

The lips plant looks like various luscious pairs of lips growing in the pot, and they are all smiling at you! It is one of the best Flowers with Smiley Face.


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