11 Most Beautiful Flowers for Guys

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These Flowers for Guys are great for gifting on their birthdays and achievements! They give out a manly vibe!

Here, you will find the perfect flowers for the special man in your life! These flowers for guys make for a perfect gift for any occasion! Be it the fiery color of the amaryllis or the bold stance of sunflowers, each one in the list will connect with that special man in your life.

Best Flowers for Guys

1. Red Amaryllis

Botanical Name: Amaryllis belladonna

These bold, trumpet-like blooms make a statement, thanks to the towering stalks! A bouquet of red amaryllis would be a great gift for your man, especially when you want to motivate or praise him!

2. Purple Alliums

Purple Alliums Best Manly Flowers For Gifting

Botanical Name: Allium carinatum

Purple symbolize manliness and these manly flowers are no different! These blooms have a fragrance to match and also represent endurance and resilience—quality of guys!

3. Mums

Mums Best Manly Flowers For Gifting

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums come in plenty of varieties, so you can pick the one that suits your man the best! Dark shades like red and purple are the ones you must pick!

4. Black Roses

Black Baccara Roses Best Manly Flowers For Gifting

Botanical Name: Rosa hybrida ‘Black Baccara’

Black roses stand out with their large blooms and thick stems, which show mystery, depth, strength, and sophistication—qualities that resonate well with masculine nature.

5. Tulips

Botanical Name: Tulipa

Though tulips are something women absolutely adore, red and purple ones make for great flowers for guys. These represent undying love and appreciation.

6. Blue Thistle

Botanical Name: Eryngium Planum

Blue thistle’s purple-blue color and rugged appearance represent resilience or independence. You can gift these to men for any formal event.

7. Purple Irises

Botanical Name: Iris boissieri

If you want to acknowledge a man’s courageous and bold nature, a bouquet of purple irises is all you need to express your feelings!

8. Burgundy Calla Lilies

Zantedeschia ‘Captain Palermo’

Botanical Name: Zantedeschia

Is your wedding anniversary arriving soon? If yes, a bouquet of these manly flowers is the one to give as these blooms represent faith and purity in a relationship!

9. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Best Manly Flowers For Gifting

Botanical Name: Paradisaeidae

This flower symbolizes magnificence and wonder, making it an excellent pick as flowers for guys. Gifting its centerpiece to your man will make him happy!

10. Anthuriums

Botanical Name: Anthurium

Anthurium, with its red flowers and vivid green leaves, represents a joyous side in men. They will surely love the freshness these blooms bring.

11. Sunflower

Sunflower Masculine Flowers

Botanical Name: Helianthus

Big, bold, and beautiful is what these flowers are and giving it to your man will surely make him connect to these attributes of it! You just can’t go wrong with this one!

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