17 Feminine Cross with Flowers Tattoo Ideas

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If you’ve been looking for a unique ink for your skin, we’ve got the best Feminine Cross with Flowers Tattoo Ideas!

Feminine crosses and flowers look amazing anywhere on the body and represent great things. Plus, you can always choose the flowers you want to go with.

Feminine Cross with Flowers Tattoo Meaning

Faith and Femininity

A feminine cross and floral combo is a versatile design that binds faith and beauty. The cross is for devotion and the flowers can have different meanings depending on the ones you choose.

Strength and Growth

Flowers symbolize loads of things–growth, new beginnings, and overcoming challenges. These things resonate with women who have faced challenges and found their strength through faith.

Feminine Cross with Flowers Tattoo Ideas

1. Reverse Cross and Flowers

feminine cross with flowers

Here’s a pretty feminine cross done in reverse ink style surrounded by black flowers and the bible verse, John 3:16, below it.

2. Feminine Cross with Roses

feminine cross with flowers tattoo 2

Look at this delicate cross done in a fine line with a rose stem wrapped around it.

3. Small Cross with Flowers

feminine cross with flowers tattoo 3

The side of the body is the perfect place for a small cross with flowers that you can flaunt or hide as you please.

4. Peony Cross on the Arm

feminine cross with flowers tattoo 4

A cross with peony flowers inside. It’s for overcoming challenges and hope in life. Pretty, right?

5. Rose Cross Feminine Tattoo

feminine cross with flowers tattoo 5

You can also go with a simple cross in the form of a line and add pink roses with highlights.

6. Cross and Flowers in Watercolor

feminine cross with flowers tattoos 6

Why not go with a bunch of flowers in a watercolor style like this? They’ll look amazing.

7. Cross and Floral Ring

feminine cross with flowers tattoos 7

The cross in this ink is for faith and devotion; the ring represents commitment to God above all else.

8. Floral Cross on Forearm

feminine cross with flowers tattoos 8

Check out this lovely design of a floral vine wrapped around a simple cross on the forearm.

9. Dainty Feminine Cross with Flowers Tattoo

feminine cross with flowers tattoos 9

If you love minimalism, this dainty little feminine cross with flower outlines is perfect for you.

10. Bedazzled Floral Cross Idea

feminine cross with flowers tattoos 10

You don’t need to go simple; get a bedazzled cross that stands out. This one’s for family members and also has their names.

11. Delicate Cross with Cherry Blossoms


Look at this cute and tiny cross covered in cherry blossom flowers! The tattoo represents love for God.

12. Memorial Cross Tattoo with Magnolias

cross and flowers female tattoo 2

Women also get crosses with flowers as a remembrance or a memorial ink. Notice the little music notes?

13. Cross with Red Flowers


The red color is linked to sacrifice, and this design stands for remembrance and personal sacrifice.

14. Cross and Lily Feminine Ink

cross and flowers female tattoo 4

The lily is a symbol of purity, and paired with the cross; it represents the grace and strength found in femininity.

15. Cross and Roses Memorial Ink


Here’s another memorial ink of a large cross with rose flowers for Mom. You can also add names, birth dates, or bible verses.

16. Floral Cross on the Back

cross and flowers female tattoo 6

You don’t have to stick to a single flower; you can add different ones like this back piece.

17. Negative Space Feminine Cross and Roses


Check out how cool this negative space feminine cross looks with neotraditional roses!

Why a Feminine Cross with Flowers?

There’s nothing that represents the beauty of the female soul better than flowers. And paired with delicate crosses, they look absolutely beautiful.

If you feel like it’s the design for you and can relay your thoughts and personality, you should totally go for it.

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