Do Pothos Like Humidity | Is Humidity Good for Pothos?

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Do Pothos Like Humidity? Would it be a good idea to increase it a bit around this plant? We’ve got all the details!

Do Pothos Like Humidity

Do Pothos Like Humidity? If you have this question in your mind then we are here to clear all the doubt once and for all!

Understanding Humidity


Humidity is basically the amount of moisture in the air. It’s what makes up a healthy indoor and outdoor environment. Humidity affects everything, but more importantly, it affects the growth of plants.

Humidity levels of 40-50% are usually normal and ideal for most plants. If the humidity is less, the plants lose moisture faster, which causes the leaves to drop or wilt. Plus, we all know plants transpire through tiny pores. If the air is dry, the rate of transpiration increases and the plants lose more water than they absorb, leading to stress and damage.

Do Pothos Like Humidity?

Do Pothos Like Humidity 2

So, do Pothos like humidity? These plants are native to tropical regions with high humidity, so they certainly benefit from it in more ways than one. We’ll tell you more in a bit.

For now, don’t rush to add a humidifier in the room or mist these blindly. You need the right balance because too much of it will lead to bacteria and fungi problems.

Benefits of High Humidity for Pothos

Increasing the humidity around Pothos plants has many benefits. For starters, they absorb moisture through the leaves and stay hydrated, so there’s less watering work for you.

High humidity keeps spider mites and other pests at bay and also helps with vigorous growth in Pothos plants. So you’ll have a lush and fuller Pothos.

Risks of Low Humidity for Pothos


What happens if humidity falls below the optimal range?

  • Leaf Drop and Curling: If the humidity falls below 40%, the first sign you’ll notice is leaf drop. Plus, as the air becomes drier–the leaves start curling inward. Pothos may also shed its leaves to conserve moisture in the dry air.
  • Brown Leaves: Brown or crispy leaves are other tell-tale signs of a Pothos kept in low humidity because the plant’s leaves give out moisture.
  • Brittle Foliage: If there’s not enough moisture, the plant’s leaves will slowly turn brittle and won’t look plump or healthy.
  • Susceptibility to Pests: Dry air makes these plants vulnerable to pests like mealybugs and spider mites because they thrive in low-humidity environments. Their resistance to diseases would also take a dip.

Creating the Right Humidity for Pothos

Do Pothos Like Humidity 10

Humidity that is slightly higher than the normal range is perfect for Pothos (50-70%). You can create this by grouping a few plants together and creating a microclimate. It will work great for corners.

If you don’t have that many plants in the room and need to increase the humidity for Pothos, you can use a humidifier. Or the cheaper option—misting. Just mist it early in the morning or afternoon once so the leaves have plenty of time to dry off before the night.

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