DIY Marbled Planter In Easy Steps

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An easy to make and beautiful DIY Marbled Planter can add a touch of beauty to your plants! Here is how you can make one!

Tired of using the same old pots for your plants? You can try this DIY Marbled Planter, which is also ridiculously cheap! With just a few supplies from your home, you will be able to make one in a jiffy!

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How to Make a DIY Marbled Planter

Required Materials

DIY Marbled Planter

  • Container
  • Nail Paints
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Brush
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Pebbles

1. Paint Color on Pot

Paint a light coating of white acrylic paint to a planter pot and let it dry completely. If the pot is already white or some other light color, you can skip this step.

2. Pour Nail Paints

DIY Marbled Planter 2

Take a glass bowl and add some water. Now pour different colored nail paints into it. Refrain from using a plastic bowl as it would be hard to get rid of the nail paints from it. If you notice any stains on the glass bowl, you can rub them off with cotton and nail paint remover.

3. Roll in Water Bowl

Now take the painted planter and roll it inside the bowl. Keep moving until you get the desired design. You can repeat it two and three times to get the shade and design you want.

4. Allow It To Dry

DIY Marbled Planter 3

Give your planter an ample amount of time to dry. Keep it at an airy and well-lit area.

5. Put Plant with Pebbles

Now fill the planter with soil and add the plant of your choice along with some pebbles on the top to make it look more attractive.

7. Display!

DIY Marbled Planter 4

Your DIY marbled planter is all set for its gorgeous display! You can also use a set of these planters with different plants or herbs of your choice.

For more details on the project, check out the video here

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