20 DIY Bug Hotel Plans | DIY Insect Hotel Ideas

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This may seem unusual, but using these DIY Bug Hotel ideas will help you invite wildlife to your garden while adding a wacky look to your yard!

Check out some amazing DIY Bug Hotels that you can include in your garden and invite bees, ladybugs, and other insects that will make your garden more mesmerizing than before!

Here are the most beneficial insects for your garden

DIY Bug Hotels Ideas

1. Rustic Insect Home

This will let the insects hibernate for the winter, so consider it to be your early autumn project! Details are here.

2. Bug Box

Model an inexpensive bug box in your yard using untreated timber and fill the box with hollow bamboo canes. Visit Gardener’s World for the tutorial.

3. Small Bug Home

Upcycle plastic pipes, plant pots, milk cartons, or even cardboard cups to DIY this idea.

4. Insect Hotel

Stick bug-friendly nesting materials into a wooden box using hot glue. That’s it! We found the idea here.

5. Cup Bug Hotel

Paint and cut a coffee container with the visuals of windows and door and screen it with wire mesh. Details are here.

6. Backyard Bug Hotel

Paint and fill an old wine rack with dried leaves and branches to make it work as a backyard bug hotel. Get the in-depth details here.

7. Lady Bug Hotel

Clean and paint a birdhouse and fill it with hollow bamboo canes, pretty similar to some previous DIYs except for one thing! Find it at HGTV.

8. Tire Bug Hotel

Your tire bug hotel can shelter bumblebees, ladybirds, woodlice, and so much more. Details are here.

9. Insect Home Essentials

This link guides you to the right structure as well as the interior design of the bughouse.

12. Simple Bug Hotel for Kids

All you need is a large plastic bottle cut into two cylinders, sticks, pine cones, and bark for this DIY.

13. Easy Bug Hotel

Learn how to make an easy bug hotel with a wooden CD crate, logs, and other natural materials such as pine cones, sticks, moss, and leaves. Details are here.

14. Insect Hotel from Found Materials

Here’s a fun DIY that you can make easily using found, recycled, or up-cycled materials.

15. Mini Bug Hotel

This adorable bug abode will attract the good guys like ladybugs, lacewings, and bees! Details are here.

16. Tall Bug Hotel

Check out this detailed DIY that will guide you step by step into making a tall wooden big hotel in no time!

17. Home for Beneficial Insects

Here’s an easy DIY to guide you in making a big home using salvaged and natural materials such as prunings, sticks, straw, broken tiles, bricks, and old pieces of wood.

18. Hanging Bug Hotel

All you need is an empty food can, bamboo stakes of varying widths, a hand saw, a thin piece of wire, along with a few other tools for this one.

19. Mini Hut Bug Hotel

Check out this amazing blog to make a mini hut-shaped bug hotel in your yard with ease!

20. Cardboard Box Bug Hotel

Use banana or apple boxes from your local grocer or supermarket to make this one!

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