24 Cozy Apartment Garden Designs

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Give your urban home the most modern makeover using plants with these Cozy Apartment Garden Design Pictures in this article!

Here are some great cozy apartment balcony garden ideas

1. Narrow Balcony with a Vertical Garden

Winter Garden Apartment Designs

Make the best use of available space by growing plants in hanging pots.

2. Plants on Railing with Lights

The lights will make the plants look more beautiful at night!

3. Large Open Space with Plants and Coffee Table

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 2

Use the large open space of your lavish penthouse by decorating it with plants.

4. Plants Under the Stairs

The small space under the stairs can be used to showcase your favorite plants!

5. Indoor Tropical Paradise

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 3

A penthouse with open space can be utilized to grow palm and other tropical specimens.

6. Indoor Jungle

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 4

If you have a big apartment, you can grow tall houseplants–faux plants are also an option!

7. Plants Shelf with Blue Staircase

A plant shelf, a blue staircase, and chairs make for appealing room decor.

8. Modern Conservatory Room

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 5

Potted and hanging plants by the window look simply great!

9. Colorful Balcony Decoration

Colorful upholstery with matching plants is a great way to spruce up the look of your balcony.

10. Shaded Sitout

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 6

A shaded sit-out in the apartment is a great place for kids to study and you can decorate it with shade-loving plants.

11. Modern Conservatory Winter Garden

A modern conservatory with a rattan armchair and a table makes for a relaxing place.

12. Mini Garden

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 7

Grow plants of your choice surrounding chairs and tables.

13. A Covered Winter Garden

If your penthouse has an open space, then you can cover and convert it to make a winter garden like this.

14. Minimalistic Design

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 8

A minimalistic balcony design is good for small spaces and looks neat.

15. Plants with Mirrors

Cover a side of a room with mirrors to have a reflection of your plants for a different look.

16. Winter Garden on Shelf

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 9

Line up your favorite plants on a wooden shelf by the window.

17. Green and Simple

A small apartment window can be crowded with plants for that green look.

18. Living Room with Couches and Plants

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 10

If your apartment has a big window in the living room, you can arrange plants in a stylish way like this.

19. Modern Penthouse with a City View

A modern penthouse with a city view will look more appealing with extraordinary foliage plants.

20. Jungle in a Room!

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 11

If you love plants then you can dedicate your apartment’s entire room for them!

21. Climbers and Vines

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 22

These climbers and vines will add a green theme to the open space in your luxury apartment.

22. Flowers and Buddha

A buddha statue along with flowerpots will invite a zen vibe.

23. Beautiful Balcony Garden

Winter Garden Apartment Designs 23

A covered balcony with hanging planters will look charming.

24. Wooden Containers with Shelf

Grow plants in wooden barrels and also place them on a wooden shelf for a rustic look.

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