17 Coral Bells Companion Plants | Plants to Grow with Heuchera

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Coral Bells Companion Plants form a unique relationship, helping it to grow and look better!

If you are searching for Plants to Grow with Heuchera – we have plenty for you! These will complement its leaves and make it thrive, too!

Coral Bells Companion Plants

These plants thrive in USDA Zones 4 to 8 and prefer moderate partial shade, especially in hot climates. If you live in a cooler region, you can expose them to full sun but do protect them from harsh afternoon exposure. 

1. Japanese Painted Fern (Athyrium niponicum)

Coral Bells Companion Plants

This plant is a great pick for coral bells as they both thrive in similar zones and growing environment. Also, its vibrant leaves offer a striking contrast without overshadowing.

2. Impatiens (Impatiens spp.)

Coral Bells Companion Plants 2

These are one of the best blooms for places where sun doesn’t shine much! Its flowers come in many colors, complementing the elegance of Coral Bells.

3. Azalea (Rhododendron spp.)

Coral Bells Companion Plants 2

The clusters of its flowers are a must have between coral bell plantation, creating an eye- catching backdrop – they also share a similar growing atmosphere.

4. Siberian Bugloss (Brunnera macrophylla)

Coral Bells Companion Plants 5

The silver leaves with green veins of this plant adds a contrasting appeal to Coral Bells, enhancing visual interest in the garden.

5. Pulmonaria (Pulmonaria spp.)

Plants to Grow with Heuchera

Popular for its ruffled foliage and blooms, Pulmonaria complements Coral Bells. These plants also do quite well in shaded areas.

6. Astilbe (Astilbe spp.)

Plants to Grow with Heuchera 2

Their fluffy flowers and preference for moist soil makes them a perfect partner for heucheras, especially in areas that get dappled sun.

7. Bleeding Heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis)

Plants to Grow with Heuchera 3

The heart-shaped blooms of these plants create a beautiful contrast with Heuchera’s foliage. Both plants prefer morning sun and prefer well draining soil.

8. Hellebores (Helleborus spp.)

Plants to Grow with Heuchera 4

These plants share a love for partial shade with Coral Bells – making them perfect partners in places where the sun doesn’t shine much!

9. Hosta (Hosta spp.)

Plants for Heuchera to Grow 3
Garden Answer

With similar growing needs and patterns to die for, hostas offer a vibrant display of foliage that creates a perfect backdrop for coral bell’s leaves!

10. Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa macra)

Plants for Heuchera to Grow 5

Its golden-green hues pair beautifully with Coral Bells – the slender foliage makes heucheras stand out. They also share similar growing requirements.

11. Artemisia (Artemisia spp.)

Plants for Heuchera to Grow 6

This is a sun-loving plant but complements coral bells with its light green leaves having a silver sheen. It also offers attractive flowers!

12. Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans)

Plants to Grow with Heuchera 6

Thanks to its ground covering growth habit, it can be a great partner for heucheras – thriving both in sunny and shaded spots, it provides a vivid appeal.

13. Daylilies (Hemerocallis spp.)

Plants to Grow with Heuchera 7

They are low-maintenance, pest-resistant, and flower in vibrant colors that complement Coral Bells leaves all year round!

14. Geranium (Pelargonium spp.)

Plants for Heuchera to Grow 3

Offering long-lasting blooms, these plants add a color and character to coral bells – they also don’t compete with each other for nutrients, too.

15. Iris (Iris spp.)

Plants for Heuchera to Grow 8

Their tall, vibrant blooms serve as a stunning backdrop for Coral Bells – I mean look the picture above! Wouldn’t you want the same for your garden?

16. Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla mollis)

Plants to Grow with Heuchera

This clump-forming plant has a light green foliage, that complements Coral Bells. Just make sure to regularly prune it to keep the plant under control (It can be invasive).

17. Lysimachia (Lysimachia nummularia)

Plants to Grow with Heuchera 3

Last on the list but eye-catching for sure, this plant is a versatile companion for Coral Bells, especially in moist soil conditions!

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