32 Stunning Chinese Flowers

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Most of the Chinese flowers on this list may surprise you with their heritage! You might have a few in your collection already!

In the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, flowers are symbols of their tradition. Whether you are a gardener or an artist, these will inspire you to grow them for sure!

Chinese Flowers

1. Plum Blossom

Chinese FlowersBotanical Name: Prunus mume

These flowers are deeply rooted in Chinese culture as they are country’s national flower. Plum bloom’s symbolize resilience and perseverance and flower in winter.

2. Sweet Osmanthus

Chinese flowers in the yard

Botanical Name: Osmanthus fragrans

Native to China, Sweet Osmanthus offers delightful fragrance. People also use it in local cuisines and traditional medicine.

3. Chinese Rose

Botanical Name: Hibiscus syriacus

These plants have originated in China and also hold a special place in the native Chinese medicine. Their roots go back in hundreds of years in the country.

4. Chinese Camellia

In the garden, Chinese flowers

Botanical Name: Camellia japonica

You may confuse the plant for Japanese origin, but people have cultivate it in China for centuries! It is also a major part of their tea culture!

5. Lotus

Chinese flowers in the garden

Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera

Lotus is an important part of the Chinese culture and it is also the national flower of India which represents purity and enlightenment.

6. Chrysanthemum

Chinese flowers in the garden 2

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum spp.

These flowers have been a part of China for more than 2,500 years! People also use them there in traditional medicine. Chrysanthemums also symbolize autumn and longevity.

7. Chinese Hibiscus

Chinese flowers in a landscape

Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

The flower’s origin might not be traced to China but it has been cultivated in the country for a long time. A great ornamental plant for sure!

8. Magnolia

Chinese flowers in a landscape 2Botanical Name: Magnolia spp.

These flowers are a part of Chinese culture since the Tang Dynasty. Magnolias bloom in clusters and offer a spectacular show of colors! They also have traditional medicinal uses.

9. Iris

Chinese flowers in the yard

Botanical Name: Iris spp.

These flowers are common around the globe but you can find them especially in Chinese art and culture the most.

10. Chinese Cucumber

Chinese flowers in the yard 3

Botanical Name: Trichosanthes kirilowii

Native to China, it is valued both for its distinctive flowers and its use in traditional Chinese medicines.

11. Narcissus

In the garden, Chinese flowers

Botanical Name: Narcissus pseudonarcissus

While the plant has its root in the Mediterranean region, it is an important part of the celebration during the Chinese New Year for its symbolism of good fortune and prosperity.

12. Chinese Rhododendron

In the garden, Chinese flowers1

Botanical Name: Rhododendron

These flowers are native to different parts of the world and China is one of them. These are an important part of the Chinese gardens.

13. Gardenia

Chinese flowers in the garden1

Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides

Gardenia is the official flower of November in Chinese tradition. It is used for its fragrance in cosmetics and incense.

14. Tiger Lilies

Chinese flowers in the garden2

Botanical Name: Lilium lancifolium

Gardenias have been an integral part of the Chinese gardens for their beauty and fragrance, and are used in traditional Chinese medicines, too.

15. Chinese Aster

Chinese flowers in a landscape2

Botanical Name: Callistephus chinensis

These are quite popular in China, thanks to their ornamental and medicinal uses. They symbolize faith and wisdom in Chinese culture.

16. Wintersweet

In the garden, Chinese flowers

Botanical Name: Chimonanthus praecox

Native to China, these plants are cultivated for over a thousand years in the country for their fragrant winter blooms.

17. Didier’s Tulip

Chinese flowers in the garden

Botanical Name: Tulipa gesneriana

Tulips are not native to this country but people are growing them there for centuries! No prize for guessing why! These are stunning flowers!

18. Chinese Carnation

Chinese flowers in the garden3

Botanical Name: Dianthus chinensis

Originating in China, these flowers offer a prolonged blooming period. They are quite a common sight as ornamental plants in Chinese gardens.

19. Ranunculus

Chinese flowers in a landscape

Botanical Name: Ranunculus

These plants are not native to the place but have been a part of the gardens for quite a long time. No wonder – people love them for their colorful blooms!

20. Peony

Chinese Flowers in garden

Botanical Name: Paeonia spp.

The Peony is highly regarded in China, often called the “king of flowers.” It symbolizes wealth, elegance, and prosperity in Chinese culture.

21. Jasmine

Chinese Flowers hanging basket

Botanical Name: Jasminum spp.

Jasmine is highly valued in China for its fragrance – local people also use its blooms in   tea and traditional medicine.

22. Chinese Sacred Lily

Chinese Flowers in pot

Botanical Name: Narcissus tazetta

Despite its name, it is not a Chinese native but is cultivated there on a large scale, especially during the Chinese New Year.

23. Balsamine

Chinese Flowers in macrame pot

Botanical Name: Impatiens balsamina

Native to South and East Asia, including China, this plant is quite popular for its uses in  traditional Chinese medicine, too.

24. Chinese Wisteria

Chinese Flowers in garden

Botanical Name: Wisteria spp.

Wisterias are native to China and are valued for cascading of flowers. The plant symbolizes love and fertility in Chinese culture.

25. Cherry Blossom

Chinese Flowers in garden bloom

Botanical Name: Prunus spp.

While more famously associated with Japan, Cherry Blossoms are quite significant in Chinese culture too, especially during spring festivals.

26. Chinese Forget-Me-Not

Chinese Flowers in hand

Botanical Name: Cynoglossum amabile

Native to China, this plant stands out with its beautiful blue flowers. People generally grow it as an ornamental plant and it can be a great pick for hanging baskets, too!

27. Hollyhocks

Chinese Flowers in garden

Botanical Name: Alcea spp.

Hollyhocks are not specifically native to the country but Chinese value this flower for its  ornamental appeal.

28. Japanese Honeysuckle

Chinese Flowers in garden trellis

Botanical Name: Lonicera japonica

Don’t let the name fool you! It is actually native to China and apart from its ornamental uses, the flowers are also used in traditional Chinese medicine.

29. Hydrangea

Chinese Flowers in garden

Botanical Name: Hydrangea chinensis

Native to China, these varieties are appreciated for their large and colorful flower heads. They can be a great border specimens or a stand alone container plants.

30. Lily of the Valley

Chinese Flowers in garden basket

Botanical Name: Convallaria majalis

While not specifically Chinese, Lily of the Valley is common in the northern parts of the country. It is quite popular in cut flower arrangements – thanks to its sweet fragrance!

31. Lady Slipper Orchids

Chinese Flowers in garden bloom

Botanical Name: Cypripedium

These orchids are found in different parts of the world, including China, and are valued for the unique shape of their pink and white flowers.

32. Peach

Chinese Flowers in garden 5

Botanical Name: Prunus persica

The Peach tree, native to China, is a symbol of immortality and unity in Chinese culture. It is a part of their culture for thousands of years.

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