15 Best Bushes With Blue Flowers

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Who doesn’t love pots full of blue? If you want them, too, here are the best bushes with blue flowers you need to grow!

Blue flowers are like little bursts of sky in your garden, and there’s no better way to enjoy them than with a beautiful blooming bush! We’ve got a whole list of them!

Bushes With Blue Flowers

Some flowers on this list may have a tinge of purple or lavender in their color and may not appear deep blue. 

1. Creeping Blue Blossom

Creeping Blue Blossom Best Bushes With Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. repens

Creeping Blue Blossom is a flowering shrub that loves sunshine but can handle some shade, too, especially in hot areas. It’s pretty low-maintenance, tolerates different kinds of soil, and doesn’t need constant watering once established.

2. Blue Diddley

Blue Diddley Best Bushes With Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Chastetree- Vitex agnus-castus

Have you heard of the Blue Diddley? It’s a cool shrub with beautiful lavender-blue flowers that bloom in summer. This little guy is a trooper, surviving on not-so-frequent watering. Deer tend to leave it alone, too!

3. Russian Sage

Russian Sage Best Bushes With Blue Flowers in front yard

Botanical Name: Perovskia atriplicifolia ‘Blue Spire’

Ever seen a plant with airy purple flowers that look like they’re dancing in the breeze with a gray-green foliage? That’s Russian Sage! It comes in different heights, so you can find a perfect fit for your garden, whether you have a small border or a bigger space to fill.

4. Sage

Best Bushes With Blue Flowers 6

Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis

Sage isn’t just for wisdom! This fragrant herb is a superstar in the kitchen, adding a peppery kick to stuffing, and all sorts of yummy dishes. Beyond its culinary fame, it shines with silvery-green leaves and blooms that come in blue, purple, pink, or white.

5. Blue Hibiscus

Bushes With Blue Flowers in garden

Botanical Name: Hibiscus

This flowering shrub has big, beautiful blooms that can be lavender, purple, or even deep indigo, all with a shimmery sheen. They’re not exactly electric blue, but they’re definitely gorgeous and bloom pretty much all year round! You can also go for Blue Chiffon or Blue Satin rose of Sharon, too!

6. Trailing Lobelia

Trailing Lobelia Bushes With Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Lobelia erinus

Trailing Lobelia is a cascading annual plant–which means it will spill over containers and hanging baskets with tons of tiny, blue colorful flowers. It keeps blooming nonstop from spring all the way to fall. Pretty cool, right?

7. Lochinch Butterfly Bush

Lochinch Butterfly Bush With Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Buddleja davidii ‘Lochinch’

Lochinch Butterfly Bush is basically a butterfly magnet with a fragrant bonus! This shrub is a superstar in the summertime. It grows about 3-5 feet tall and is covered in long clusters of lilac-blue flowers with tiny orange centers. They’re super fragrant, too!

8. Woodland Phlox

Amazing Bushes With Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Phlox divaricata

Woodland phlox is a lovely little wildflower bush with blue flowers. It is perennial plant with fuzzy, green leaves that creeps along the ground, slowly forming a pretty little mat. It’s a low-key bloomer that loves partial shade.

9. Perennial Flax

Perennial Flax Best Bushes With Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Linum perenne

Perennial flax is a low-fuss beauty with narrow blue-green leaves, topped with cheerful sky-blue flowers that look like little saucers. They bloom all through late spring and summer, even lasting up to 12 weeks in some shade.

10. Blue Star

Bushes With Blue Flowers in garden 78

Botanical Name: Amsonia spp.

Amsonia hits all the right notes for a carefree blue flowering bushy beauty! It forms a neat, upright clump with ferny or thread-like green leaves. Then, in late spring, it bursts into a sky-blue show with clusters of delicate, star-shaped flowers.

11. Bluebeard

Bluebeard Bushes With Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Caryopteris spp.

You might also know this one as Blue Mist Spirea. It is a compact shrub, usually reaching 2-4 feet tall, with soft, grayish-green leaves. But the real magic happens in late summer when the bluebeard comes alive with fluffy, bright blue blooms!

12. Blue Mophead Hydrangea

Best Bushes With Blue Flowers 56

Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla

The Blue Mophead Hydrangea is a true garden showstopper! It can grow 4-6 feet tall and has giant, rounded clusters of blue flowers. Here’s the cool part–depending on your soil’s acidity, the blooms can actually change color!

13. Mountain Hydrangeas

Mountain Hydrangeas Bushes With Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Hydrangea serrata ‘Diadem’

Mountain Hydrangeas are the tough but beautiful cousins of the popular Bigleaf Hydrangeas. They’re not all about strength though! These plants bloom lovely lacecap flowers in shades of pink, blue, or purple, depending on your soil’s acidity.

14. Blue Billow

Blue Billow Bushes With Blue Flowers

Botanical Name: Hydrangea serrata ‘Blue Billow’

Blue Billow is another Hydrangea bush with blue flowers. This deciduous shrub grows into a compact size, reaching 3-4 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide. It has beautiful big, glossy green leaves that provide a nice backdrop for the flowers.

15. Blue Daze

Blue Daze Bushes With Blue Flowers in container

Botanical Name: Evolvulus glomeratus

Blue Daze is a charming little flowering bush that lives up to its name with bright blue, funnel-shaped flowers. These cheerful blooms boast a white center with contrasting yellow anthers, and keep blooming all throughout the season, from June right up until frost.

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