21 Black Rose Tattoo Ideas

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We’ve collected beautiful Black Rose Tattoo Ideas for you that prove roses aren’t meant to be just red or pink!

Black Rose Tattoos are really personal and can allow you to showcase a ton of things with their rich symbolism. Ready to check these out?

Black Rose Tattoo Meaning and Significance

Loss and Mourning

Black roses are a symbol of grief and loss. The black color has depth and is used to represent the weight of sorrow.

Overcoming Darkness

Black roses also represent overcoming challenges in life. The rose is for hope and resilience and the thorns in this are about finding the light.

Defiance and Mystery

Goth people love black roses because they’re perfect for gothic aesthetics. A black rose tattoo shows a rejection of mainstream ideas and shows individuality.

Black Rose Tattoo

1. Solid Black Rose Tattoo

solid black rose tattoo design 1

Nothing can beat the beauty of a black rose silhouette like this one!

2. Black Rose, Moon, and Geometric Designs

geometric design black rose tattoo

This mix of a black rose with the moon and geometrical symbols is about finding beauty and strength in darkness.

3. Black Rose with Caterpillar

trending black rose tattoos 1

Caterpillars are transformation and change, and paired with the black rose, this design means overcoming challenges in life.

4. Black Rose Ink on Hand

trending black rose tattoos 2

Why not go with something you can easily flaunt? It’s a great way to showcase your black rose.

5. Black Rose with Teardrops

trending black rose tattoos 3

Here’s a neotraditional black rose with tear drops–it’s for the loss of a loved one.

6. Small Black Rose Tattoo

trending black rose tattoos 4

Black roses look spectacular even when they’re small. Just look at the details on this one.

7. Simple Rose on Neck

trending black rose tattoos 5

For a feminine black rose tattoo, you could go with something simple like this.

8.  Feminine Black Rose on the Side

best black rose tattoo ideas 1

There’s also the option of a side body black rose stem–it’ll be easier to hide.

9. Black Rose Pair Idea

best black rose tattoo ideas 2

A black rose pair is for duality and balance. But you can also get it to represent a strong bond you have with a friend.

10. Traditional Black Rose and Anchor

best black rose tattoo ideas 3

What a pretty tattoo that represents loss through the black rose and finding stability via the anchor.

11. Neotraditional Black Rose Design

best black rose tattoo ideas 4

You could also go with a black rose in neotraditional styles. It certainly stands out.

12. Black Rose Art

best black rose tattoo ideas 5

The upside-down black rose is a popular symbol for Goths. It’s for defiance and rebellion.

13. Black Rose Tattoo Idea

best black rose flower tattoo

Here’s another neotraditional black rose with purple accents. Pretty, right?

14. Black Rose with Line Work Leaves

black rose flower stem ink

The line work on the leaves looks absolutely amazing. You could try this style as well.

15. All-Black Rose in Frame

all black rose tattoo design

With tattoos, it’s all about personalization. You could pick any shape or design you like to go with the black rose.

16. Black Rose Flower

traditional black rose tattoo

Here’s a small black rose flower tattoo you could get on the arm or the ankle.

17. Black Rose Tattoos on Thumbs

top black rose flower tattoo 1

This mirrored tattoo effect with a black rose and its silhouette is truly a beauty.

18. Black Rose with Calligraphed Stem

top black rose flower tattoo 2

What a brilliant idea to make your ink, well, your own. Take notes, people.

19. Realistic Black Rose Shoulder Ink

top black rose flower tattoo 3

This one might take a couple of sittings to complete, but it’ll definitely be worth it.

20. Black Rose with Thorny Stem

top black rose flower tattoo design idea

This tattoo’s thorns are prominent and show the challenges or pain endured.

21. Shiny Black Rose on Leg

black rose tattoo design

A little bit of white or gray accents could highlight your black rose like this.

Why a Black Rose?

These flowers have a meaningful symbolism. Plus, they’re striking and catch everyone’s eyes. If you feel like the design is for you, don’t give it a second thought and go for it.

There’s no right or wrong reason to get a tattoo–it’s just about what you want.

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