Balcony Railing Ideas | How to Choose Railings for Balcony

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If you are searching for Balcony Railing Ideas, then you are doing right thing. Choosing a suitable design and material for railing can completely change the look of your balcony. With a railing that matches your house and the surroundings you can easily transform a boring balcony into a modern and comfortable looking seating space.

In this article you will read about five basic types of railings: Wooden, PVC and vinyl, glass, concrete and metal railing. *When choosing railings do not forget that the main function of railing is to prevent people from falling.

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1. Wooden railingwooden balcony railing

The standard 2×2 wood railing is the type most often chosen for balcony railing. And there is certainly a good reason for that. The wooden railing is an inexpensive option, it is both convenient and modern and gives a bucolic look to a balcony. But do not forget that after a while the wooden railing needs to be refreshed or changed.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of railing is its strong tendency to warp. You can also find composite railings, their appearance is almost similar to the look of wood, but they do not deform and don’t need much maintenance. Although the composite railings are rather more expensive.

2. PVC and vinyl railingsPvc-balcony Railing

PVC and vinyl railings are popular alternatives of wood. But the colors are limited, white is the most common color for such railings. Designs available are the same as those of wooden railings, but vinyl railing does not deform and not need repainting or sealing. This type of railings should be cleaned regularly for a clean look.

3. Glass Railingchoosing balcony railing_mini

There is nothing better than a clear glass railing to fully enjoy the view from your balcony. There are many possible options, including solid panels or railing made of tempered glass or acrylic. Glass railings are quite expensive but these are the best choice for homes located upside, by the sea shore or lake to make you able to contemplate the beautiful vista. The frame for the glass railing can be made of aluminum, vinyl or wood.

4. Concrete Railingbalcony railing design idea_mini

Concrete railings are sturdy and relatively cheap, you can use them in urban houses. Although there are not so many designs available but these railings are long lasting and maintenance free if you compare it to wooden, glass or metal railings. If you want a low maintenance and strong railing but look is not in your priority, choose this one.

5. Aluminum railing other Metal RailingsAlluminium-balcony-railing

Aluminum railings are another option available in the market. Fairly strong, light and modern, aluminum is the perfect solution for many people. This type of railings are available in a variety of colors and styles and you may definitely find a type that perfectly follows the design of your balcony and home.

You should also remember that you can make custom railings from almost any type of material or combination of them. Stainless steel is one more good choice for a railing, there are other metal railings like iron and brass. You can also use decor cables and rods made of metal between the posts to create a beautiful DIY railing.

The railing that you choose must, above all should please you and fit your needs.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! Since my house is very traditional, I think that either vinyl or metal railings would be a good idea. If I were to go with metal, I think I would go for a more traditional style that is a little bit more intricate. I’ve always loved the idea of railings that acted as decor as well as protection!

  2. The thing that I notice about the pictures here is that each railing matches the color and styling of the house. I think that would be the main consideration when designing the railing. Also, the railing can change the look of the house. If you want it to look a different way, a good railing can add that little extra something you’re looking for.

  3. I would have never imagined that the frames for the glass railing can be made of aluminum, vinyl or wood! We are wanting to install a railing on our two decks that we have at our house this next week. Tomorrow I will be sure to sit down with an expert to talk more in depth about the railing type we want!

  4. My wife has been wanting to get metal railings for our balcony that we’ll be building. She wants metal for the same reasons the article states about how it comes in a variety of styles and designs. If we wanted to get custom railings, what tips would you give for finding a welder for the job?

  5. I like how you mention that metal railings are fairly strong, light and modern. I have a friend who manages apartment buildings. Some of these apartments have staircases that could use a railing. I’ll let him know he should consider a metal railing as they are both light and modern looking.

  6. There really are a lot of different kinds of balcony rails that you can get a hold of nowadays and it is great that the article covers so many of them. I’ve always been partial to the glass railings myself and it is great that the article included them. After all, with glass rails you still get an unobstructed view of your backyard.

  7. I never knew that the glass railings were made out of tempered glass or acrylic. We are thinking about putting something like that on our balcony since the glass won’t obstruct the view of the garden. Thanks for giving us a lot more information on the different types of guardrails!

  8. I didn’t know before that wooden railing is generally an inexpensive option. This is important for us because we are on a tight budget, and so we are looking for an inexpensive option while we are getting a rail for the deck of our new home. When we are searching for the right railing material, I will be sure to keep in mind the inexpensiveness of the railing.


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