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32 Balcony Kitchen Garden Ideas with Pictures

Have a look at these Balcony Kitchen Garden Pictures and get inspired to grow your own food in a limited space for a fresh supply of herbs and veggies!

If you’ve got a balcony, you can use it to create a Balcony Kitchen Garden to produce homegrown, fresh vegetables and flavorful herbs, and even manageable fruit plants.

Here’s all you need to know about making a Balcony Kitchen Garden

Balcony Kitchen Garden Pictures

1. Salad Green in Containers on a Ladder

This is one of the best space-saving ways to grow greens on an urban balcony.

2. Vertical Kitchen Garden with a Drip Watering System


A vertical garden with a drip watering system, learn how to make it here.

3. Mini Containers with Stands to Grow Greens

Shutterstock/Ashley-Belle Burns

These would work more like raised beds, excellent for people with back problems.

4. Railing Planters for Salads and Herbs


Even if you have a compact balcony, you can grow salads and herbs like this.

5. Mason Jars on a Wooden Stand to Grow Herbs

Use mason jars to grow herbs by hanging them on an old shutter, door, or wooden plank.

6. A Ladder Planter for Salad Greens

A ladder planter like this will take up a fraction of space on a balcony.

7. The Top View of How a Balcony Vegetable Garden Should Be

You can take inspiration from this picture to plan your balcony kitchen garden.

8. Container with Built-in Trellis for Trailing Vegetables

Grow peas, beans, zucchini, or whatever trailing vegetables you like in a planter like this!

9. A Tall Planter Box for Salads and Herbs

A tall planter box with wheels will let you move it around where the plants get maximum sunlight.

10. Mini Greenhouse for a Balcony

Having a mini-greenhouse like this on your balcony will allow germinating seeds successfully while providing a stable temperature for establishing plants. See some of the DIY projects here!

11. Large Wooden Container with a Stand and Trellis

A sizeable wooden container like this will also look super cool in an urban space.

12. Long and Low Slung Table for Vegetables


This table-like raised bed structure is perfect for growing all types of vegetables on a large balcony.

13. A Space Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden

A vertical vegetable garden to enjoy fresh vegetables all year round!

14. Salads Greens on Wall Shelves


An arrangement like this will let you save a lot of limited space on a balcony. Its DIY is here!

15. A Hanging Herb Garden

Use the empty space of the wall by making a hanging herb garden like this.

16. DIY Herb Garden

You can use rain gutters to create a herb garden like this.

17. Herbs and Vegetables and Hanging Grow Pouches

Shutterstock/Gardens by Design

Grow pouches are cheap, and you can hang them anywhere to grow green veggies.

18. Potted Garden of Greens

Use pots of different sizes on a sunny balcony to grow different vegetables.

19. Vertical Garden for Salad Greens

A vertical wooden shelf like this will help you to grow different vegetables and herbs in a compact space. Details are here.

20. Urban Kitchen Garden for Tomatoes

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants–you can grow everything on a sunny balcony.

21. Heirloom Tomatoes in Large Containers

Love heirloom tomatoes? Do not miss a chance to grow them on a bright balcony along with other vegetables.

22. Beans in Window Boxes


Both pole and bush beans are easy to grow in containers as long as you have a balcony that gets plenty of sun.

23. Decorative Vegetable Garden

Use different-sized pots to create a virtual interest in your vegetable garden.

24. A Tall Corner Shelf to Grow Herbs and Greens in Pots

A tall corner shelf like this will give you plenty of space to keep pots.

25. Vertical Metal Structure to Hang Pots of Vegetables and Herbs


A metal structure at the corner of a balcony will be perfect for hanging several pots to grow greens.

26. Herbs in Industrial Metal Gutters

Hanging metal gutters like this will help you grow herbs without much space.

27. Hanging Vegetable Garden in a Balcony

Even if you have a compact balcony, you can grow different greens in hanging pots with ease.

28. Big and Small Pots for Vegetables and Herbs

These tall planters not only look cool but also save you from bending down too much to collect the harvest.

29. Hanging Garden for Herbs


These wooden planks can be hung from the railing to keep pots of herbs.

30. Mini Planter To Grow Different Herbs Together


This cool mini planter is excellent for growing different herbs on a small balcony.

31. Make a Floating Shelf


Having a few floating shelves on the wall will provide more space for growing vegetables.

32. Planters with Wire Mesh Grill

Having a wire mesh grill like this will provide your climbing plants with a support structure to climb.

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