13 Best Annual Vines and Climbers

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Adorn your home garden with these Annual Vines and Climbers for a year-full display of flowers and foliage!

If you want a year-round climber that covers up the bland space in your garden, well, we have vines that will win your heart!

Best Annual Vines and Climbers

1. Morning Glory

Botanical Name: Ipomoea

The trumpet-shaped morning glory flowers come in various colors and are very easy to grow. These annual vines will quickly cover your fences and trellises in full sun.

2. Sweet Pea

Botanical Name: Lathyrus odoratus

It has fragrant, butterfly-like blooms and grows perfectly in cool weather. Since these annuals need plenty of moisture to flourish, it is a great choice for spring gardening.

3. Nasturtium

Annual Vines and Climbers 56

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

Nasturtiums are not only about beautiful flowers; their edible nature will help you add some spicy flavor to your dishes, too! Plus, these annual are also low-maintenance!

4. Moonflower

Botanical Name: Ipomoea alba

These annual vines and climbers are the evening counterpart to morning glories, with large, fragrant, and luminous white blooms that bloom just before the night!

5. Mandevilla

Annual Vines and Climbers 21

Botanical Name: Mandevilla x amabilis

Annual in cooler climates, these trumpet-shaped blooms come in pink, red, white, and yellow colors and can grow up to 8-10 feet. Some Mandevilla varieties are shorter, which makes them perfect for pots.

6. Grass Pea

Best Annual Vines and Climbers 7

Botanical Name: Lathyrus sativus

The sweet pea-like flowers of this grassy plant are sky blue in hue, with touches of pink. Grass Peas use tendrils to climb and can reach 3-5 feet in height.

7. Purple Bell Vine

Annual Vines and Climbers 11

Botanical Name: Rhodochiton atrosanguineum

Dangling from delicate, thread-like stems, purple bell vines are a sight to behold. Their deep purple, bell-like flowers swing in the breeze as they climb using tendrils.

8. Climbing Nasturtium

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum peregrinum

Climbing nasturtiums have unique, long-spurred blossoms that come in bright hues. Growing these annual climbers will help you attract pollinators, too!

9. Spanish Flag

Annual Vines and Climbers 6

Botanical Name: Mina lobata

The flowers of this cultivar start as bright crimson and change to white, which creates a colorful display. The vines twist and climb, covering structures up to 15 feet tall.

10. Cardinal Climber

Best Annual Vines and Climbers 11

Botanical Name: Ipomoea x multifida

Cardinal climbers have bright red, trumpet-like flowers that attract hummingbirds. They require full sun and well-draining soil. These can grow up to 8-10 feet in a season.

11. Cup and Saucer Vine

Annual Vines and Climbers 4

Botanical Name: Cobaea scandens

This Mexican plant has light green buds that open into delicate, cream flowers. It climbs using small, twisting stems and keeps blooming until the winter comes.

12. Love-in-a-Puff


Botanical Name: Cardiospermum halicacabum

Also popular as balloon vine, love-in-a-puff has tiny white blossoms that change into green spherical seedpods. To make it grow the best, expose it to full sunlight.

13. Ivy Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium peltatum

Coming in beautiful shades of purple-blue and pink, these climbers put up a fantastic show of flowers, so much so that the entire plant looks like it is made of blooms! They will be happy to climb anywhere you train. Make sure they get plenty of bright and indirect light.

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