A Beginner’s Trick on Keeping New Indoor Plants Alive and Happy

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If you are a newbie and not sure how to take care of your green friends, then follow our Beginner’s Trick on Keeping New Indoor Plants Alive and Happy!

Beginner's Trick on Keeping New Indoor Plants Alive and Happy

If you are planning to add more plants to your collection then do not forget to read this simple Beginner’s Trick on Keeping New Indoor Plants Alive and Happy. This will guide you on how to keep the plants thriving in good health after you buy them from a nursery.

Here are the most prominent signs that indicate your indoor plants need more sun

Do You Find It Difficult To Keep Houseplants Alive and Happy?

The most essential point is to make the recently brought plant get acclimatized to its new growing environment gradually. Some plant parents make the mistake of transplanting the houseplants immediately in beautiful ceramic pots after bringing them home from a garden center, resulting in transplantation shock, which hurts the plant’s growth or even kills it.

Overwatering is also one of the reasons that harm new plants. Beginner gardeners water their plants frequently and end up hurting or killing them in the process.

Beginner’s Trick on Keeping New Indoor Plants Alive and Happy


It is important to wait and let the new plant acclimate and get accustomed to its new surroundings. If you are worried that it will not look appealing in its current plastic pot, then don’t worry, just do this:

Instead of re-potting, insert the plant pot in a beautiful ceramic container! This will not only keep it happy and alive but will also ensure the plant looks beautiful in a new container!

This trick will help the young plant acclimatize to the new growing condition.

  • Get a one-size bigger ceramic pot than the existing plastic container so it can fit inside it easily.
  • If the planter’s rim, in which the plant came, is a bit broader, it can be difficult to fit it inside the new and bigger ceramic pot. To do so, cut off the thick part of the old plastic pot and glide it inside the new one.

How this Simple Trick Helps the Plants?

A Beginner's Trick on Keeping New Indoor Plants Alive and Happy 2
  1. This trick will help in lifting the container out of the other planter and check the topsoil. The pot’s weight will also help determine whether the plant needs watering or not. If the soil has water, it will feel slightly heavier.
  2. This way you’ll also be able to flush excess salt from the growing medium, in case of overfeeding. Watch out for symptoms like brown tips on the leaves and burning of the foliage. To do this, move the pot to a sink and run the water. Let the excess water rinse the soil and drain from the bottom holes.
  3. With this you can also hydrate the plants through bottom watering—the growing medium absorbs water through the drainage holes. Put the plant back in the decorative planter after this session.
  4. Allow the plant to stay in the existing pot until it becomes root bound and then transfer it to a new container. It will be better to go with a one size bigger pot than the old one.

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