Growing Roma tomato | Care and How to Grow Roma Tomatoes

how to grow roma tomatoesLearn how to grow roma tomatoes. Growing roma tomatoes is similar to growing other tomato varieties. It is suitable for cooking and canning, you can also grow roma tomatoes in pots.

What are Roma Tomatoes?

It is hard to resist the tomatoes, especially if grown at home. Roma tomatoes are categorized as paste tomatoes (less seeds and thick skin). Ideal for conservation and perfect for processing and making puree and sauce.

How to Grow Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes are not considered as heirloom tomatoes. They are determinate tomatoes that grow up to 1 m tall, suitable for containers. The period of maturation of roma tomatoes takes 75-90 days from germination to maturity.

Growing Roma tomatoes is not much different than cultivating other varieties. They may only differ in shape and size and the growing process and requirements are similar. You just have to make sure that they get enough sunlight, water and fertile soil and cared against pests and diseases.

Requirements for Growing Roma Tomatoes


It requires a lot of sunlight at least 6 hours is essential. If you are living in tropics protect the plant from scorching afternoon sun. It is safe to say that good amount of sun is the main component of a productive and successful harvest.


The most suitable soil for the cultivation of this variety is well drained, light and loamy soil, rich in organic matters like humus and compost or aged manure.


Water your plants regularly. Growing roma tomatoes require plenty of water. In colder climates take care in watering, especially if grown in partially shaded spot. Tomato plant requires more water at the time of fruiting. Lack of water can cause split tomatoes.

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Roma Tomato Care


You can fertilize the plant with liquid fish fertilizer once a week if grown in container during the growing season, moreover when plant is setting fruits. Also add balanced slow release fertilizer during planting. Application of manure or compost time to time is also recommended.

Pests and diseases

Roma tomatoes are resistant to many pests and diseases. In diseases they are commonly infected by blossom end rot and fungal diseases if foliage are kept wet. Tomato hornworms can be controlled by hand picking or using neem oil or you can try companion planting to prevent them.

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Since it is a determinate variety, all tomatoes ripens at about the same time. Harvest roma tomato when it turns red from all sides and skin remains slightly soft.


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