Best free gardening apps

Just one click of smart phone and you can do anything in the world, we have apps for everything so why not the Gardening. Many gardening apps are available for download in app stores but finding a practical one is like finding a needle from haystack, that’s why we have checked some of the best apps that are free and worthy to download. Let’s take a look.gardening apps


Plant Encyclopedia

container gardening appsbest free gardening apps







(IOS/Windows): How often do you come into the situation when you want to know the plant’s name you just came across but do not find it. Then you search it on Google for hours and even no clue there? In that condition ‘Plant Encyclopedia’ is the app you should download, with over 5000+ of plant species listed in their database, including high quality pictures with super zoom feature.

Features: Search about unknown plants. See slideshows, compare and create your favorite list of plants, you can do it offline.

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

garden manager

garden manager app







(Android): How many times do you forget watering your plants, fertilizing or deadheading them and as a result the growth hampers. Now never miss any of this again, keep track of everything, check your plant’s progress, make logs and create notes like when to harvest and what to sow.Manage your gardening through smart phone— use, Garden Manager app.

Features: Set alarms, reminders and write notes. Make lists related to your gardening works.


nature gatenature gate species id







(IOS/Android): Similar to ‘Plant Encyclopedia’, slightly different in options, in it you can access 700 varieties of plants. Just take a picture of plant’s leaf you want to know about, and upload it to the app, the app will scan it and provide information about the plant, not only this you can also check the species of birds and butterflies, too. It means never miss the name of any unknown bird sweeping across your window and identify the colorful butterflies with their names.

Features: Search Plants, birds and insects related to gardening. See slideshows and save images.

Garden Design Ideas

garden design appgarden designing app








(Android/Windows): Are planning to develop or change your garden, this app is made just for you, whether it’s a Balcony garden, Terrace Garden or a Traditional Garden, ‘Garden Design Ideas’ is loaded with the unique garden design ideas and beautiful pictures of various arrangements— all ready to save and share. Use this app to your garden easily, without paying a penny.

Features: See pictures of beautiful gardens, save it for further use. Find myriads of designs and take inspiration.


iscape app

iscape best garden app







(IOS / Android): One more planning app and better than that. Now don’t assign a landscaping expert to find out how to organize your garden. This is one of the best landscaping apps available and you should try it. Install it to understand everything related with management of your garden. Iscape will do it all for you, a great aid for a gardener who is confused about landscaping.

Features: Create a theme, choose color schemes, learn about the type of containers, planters or pots are best for you to save space and much more.



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