8 Uses of Pistachio Shells in the Garden

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Have you heard about the use of pistachio shells in the garden? If not, then we have some practical ways and DIYs listed in this article!

Uses of Pistachio Shells in the Garden

The next time you think about tossing the shells after eating pistachios, think again! We have some amazing Uses of Pistachio Shells in the Garden that’ll surely make you save them!

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Pistachio Profile

Pistachio tree (Pistacia vera) is indigenous to the Middle East – this long-lived tree produces clusters of small red drupes that require hot, long, dry summers for proper ripening. Salted and unsalted pistachio shells have many uses for plants. If you have salted ones, wash and dry the shells before using them in the garden, as sodium can damage the plants.

Uses of Pistachio Shells in the Garden

1. Add to Compost


You can use pistachio shells as a slow compost because their decomposition takes time. You can speed up the procedure by crushing them before adding them to the compost pile.

One more option is to soak the shells in water overnight to soften them. After that, add the pistachio shells along with water into the compost pile.

2. Line the Bottom of Pots

Use the pistachio shells for lining the bottom of the pots — this move will reduce waterlogging in the soil. This hack is handy when the pot has an improper drainage system.

Take an empty pot, spread a layer of pistachio shells over the bottom, top the container with soil, and add the plant. Also, as pistachio shells are biodegradable, so you don’t need to trawl them out of the soil while repotting.

3. DIY a Hanging Succulent Garden

pistachio shell uses

You can create this succulent frame artwork made of pistachio shells without spending much. The step-by-step DIY is waiting for you at Addicted 2 Decorating here.

4. A Durable Organic Mulch

Cover your garden beds with a bountiful layer of mulch using pistachio shells. It will keep the soil moist, encourage fertility, and also help restrain weeds.

Don’t throw the shells after enjoying your favorite nuts! Mix them with bark leaves, wood chips, or other organic mulch before sprinkling it over the garden.

Note: Pistachio shells are very tough and hard and take a lot of time to break down fully. When this happens, the shells discharge fats, carbon, proteins, and carbohydrates.

5. Spread Around Plants for Pest Control

Uses of Pistachio Shells in the Garden 2

Deter slugs and snails by spreading the pistachio shells around the trees and plants that are vulnerable. Make a thick top dressing so they will look less attractive to squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons, and they don’t dig in the soil.

If you have salted pistachio shells, they can be used to prevent slugs and snails. Build a barrier by spreading the shells in a line near individual plants or around the whole margin of the garden.

To deter cats from damaging your indoor plants, create a layer of pistachio shells on the topsoil.

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6. Use them for Bonfire

As pistachio shells naturally have woody composition and fat, you can use them in your bonfire to make the fire start quickly. If you have a little enclosed fire pit in the garden, then these shells will be great for kindling.

Just make sure that you wrap them in a piece of paper, as it will prevent them from popping and flying everywhere!

7. Great Vase Filler

Apart from using pebbles and stones, you can also try putting pistachio shells in the vases for a different look. Spray paint them in different colors to add more appeal!

8. Decorate Your Pots


You can show creative skills by using the pistachio shells in an artistic manner! Take some glue and stick the shells on the containers in floral and geometric patterns.

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