9 Amazing Used Tea Leaves Uses in the Garden

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Before you throw away the tea leaves after having a hot cup of it, look at these Used Tea Leaves Uses in the Garden. You will start saving them!

Tea leaves can be boon for the plants if used in the right way. Check out these amazing Used Tea Leaves Uses in the Garden!

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Used Tea leaves

Tea leaves contain 4.4 percent nitrogen, 0.25 potassium, and 0.24 phosphorus. Uses tea leaves also act as an excellent organic fertlizer, that improves soil health, water-holding capacity, and high cation exchange capacity.

They also help soil microbes and increase fertility for the plant without deleterious effects on the environment. And yes, they are free!

Used Tea Leaves Uses in The Garden

After you have made a cup of tea, strain, let the leaves cool down, and save them for use in the garden. You can use Black, White, Green, and Oolong tea for this purpose.

1. Organic Fertilizer

Make a quick organic fertilizer by boiling tea leaves. Strain and rinse the tea leaves in a strainer to eliminate any milk or sugar residue. Spread them on tissue paper to dry. You can use it directly in the garden by spreading them on the topsoil of the plants.

2. Tea leaves for Acid Loving Plants

Spread used tea leaves near the base of acid-loving plants like tomatoes. The tea leaves include three essential nutrients (NPK), along with some trace minerals that promote plant growth. Scatter the tea leaves in the soil and gently mix them.

3. Add to the Bottom of the Pots

Place used tea leaves with tea bags to cover the drainage holes of the container – they will allow the excess water to drain while saving the soil from flushing out.

4. Helps in Growing Roses

If you want your roses to be big and vivid, then using tea leaves is the best bet. Sprinkle used tea leaves around the base of the plant to give it a needed boost. As roses thrive best in slightly acidic soil, the acidic tannins give the plant the right boost along with nitrogen and potassium.

5. Eliminates Weed

Apart from helping the veggies, fruits, and flowers to grow profusely, used tea leaves also deters the growth of weeds. Adding a thick layer of tea leaves over the weeds will suppress their growth, preventing light and air reach to reach them completely.

6. Promotes Oxygenation

When used tea leaves are exposed to the air, they go through the process of oxidation, which helps to promote cellular health in plants. Add tea leaves around the base of the plant and mix it with topsoil for best results.

7. Add in Compost

All you have to do is to add used tea leaves to the compost to make it more potent. Tea leaves are a rich source of nitrogen and also attract good bacteria. It also helps to speed up the composting process.

8. Best Soil Conditioner

Adding the loose tea leaves to the pot swells the soil, which makes it soft and conditioned. It also improves the structure of the growing medium, increases drainage, and helps with healthy aeration.

9. Foliar Spray

Steep 2-4 cups of used tea leaves in a liter of water. Strain, and add the solution in a spray bottle and use it on plants. The foliage will take all the nutrients much quicker resulting in lush growth.

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