11 Types of Flame Trees | Trees that are Called Flame Trees

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Here’s a list of Trees that are called Flame Trees from around the world. We have included the best Types of Flame Trees you can grow!

Flame Trees are one of the most stunning trees in the world. With bright orange-red flowers growing in clusters, they stand out with their fiery appearance! Have a look at the best Types of Flame Trees in our list.

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Best Types of Flame Trees

1. Australian Flame Tree

Types of Flame Trees

Botanical Name: Brachychiton acerifolius

Also known as the lacebark tree, this iconic tree is popular for its red blooms in late spring. It grows to 32-114 feet tall and 16-49 feet wide.

2. Flame of the Forest


Botanical Name: Butea monosperma

This flame tree is also known as bastard teak, and it displays leathery dark green leaves and bi-color orange-red blooms from late January to March. It is one of the best Types of Flame Trees you can grow.

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3. Red Silky Oak

Types of Flame Trees 2

Botanical Name: Alloxylon flammeum

This flame tree displays glossy green elliptical leaves and orange-red inflorescences from August to October. Rectangular woody seed pods ripen in January and March.

4. Coral Tree


Botanical Name: Erythrina

The largest species of this tree grow up to 98 feet tall. Some species of Erythrina display unique variations in their flowers with yellow, orange, green, salmon, and white. It is one of the best Types of Flame Trees you can grow.

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5. Royal Poinciana

Types of Flame Trees 8

Botanical Name: Delonix regia

This ornamental tree is popular for its fern-like foliage and orange-red blossoms that appear over summer. Make sure it gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

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6. Flame Tree of Eastern and Southern Africa


Botanical Name: Erythrina abyssinica

This multipurpose, deciduous tree belongs to East Africa, Eastern DRC, and southern Africa. The orange-red blooms attract sunbirds. It is one of the best Types of Flame Trees you can grow.

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7. African Tulip Tree

Types of Flame Trees 12

Botanical Name: Spathodea campanulata

African Tulip Tree stands out with its clusters of red-maroon flowers. This ornamental tree is popular for cup-shaped red-orange or crimson campanulate blooms.

8. African Flame Tree

shutterstock/Roman Yanushevsky

Botanical Name: Peltophorum

This beautiful tree is also known as Copperpod and yellow flame tree. It displays a spreading crown, mimosa-like foliage, and many bright yellow flowers. It is one of the best Types of Flame Trees you can grow.

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9. Australian Christmas Tree

Types of Flame Trees 18

Botanical Name: Nuytsia floribunda

Also known as mood jar, Christmas tree, or Western Australian Christmas tree. It sports vibrant orange-yellow flowers between October and January.

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10. Chinese Flame Tree


Botanical Name: Koelreuteria bipinnata

This deciduous tree flowers during summer from July to August. The showy, fragrant blooms are yellow with hints of red at the base. It is one of the best Types of Flame Trees you can grow.

11. Chilean Flame Tree Types of Flame Trees 29

Botanical Name: Embothrium coccineum

This small evergreen tree grows up to 12-50 feet tall and produces clusters of red blossoms during spring. Make sure it gets plenty of dappled light.

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