30 Beautiful Trees with Yellow Flowers

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Explore the beautiful Trees with Yellow Flowers, that offer a vibrant and mesmerizing sight to cherish and embrace.

These Trees with Yellow Flowers boast vibrant blooms that stand out with their striking yellow hue. Its beauty adds a touch of brilliance to the surrounding landscape.

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Trees with Yellow Flowers

1. Chinese Flame Tree

Trees with Yellow Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Koelreuteria bipinnata

These Trees with Yellow Flowers produce sweet-smelling blooms that change color from yellow to orange or red and look like Chinese lanterns. It’s an excellent tree for providing shade in a garden.

2. Golden Trumpet


Botanical Name: Allamanda cathartica

Golden Trumpet can grow anywhere between 25 to 50 feet tall and have a rounded shape on top. These Trees with Yellow Flowers are originally from Brazil and are partially green all year but shed some leaves in certain seasons.

3. Kousa Dogwood

Trees with Yellow Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Cornus kousa

Kousa Dogwood trees have pretty white or light yellow flowers that bloom in the spring. In the fall, the leaves turn a reddish-purple color. Kousa dogwoods are better at fighting off insects and diseases compared to other dogwood trees.

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4. Tipu Tree

Botanical Name: Tipuana tipu

Also famous as Tipuana, these Trees with Yellow Flowers come from Bolivia. They grow quite fast, reaching a height of about 15-20 feet. In winter, the tree has bright green leaves, but it sheds them in the spring.

5. Palo Verde

Trees with Yellow Flowers 5

Botanical Name: Parkinsonia praecox

These Trees with Yellow Flowers have bright yellow flowers with an orange center. The blooms look lovely against the bluish-green leaves and branches. The trunk and branches of the tree also have an attractive appearance.

6. Witch-Hazel

Botanical Name: Hamamelis

Witch-Hazel trees show off flowers with soft-colored petals that bloom in the middle of fall. The branches grow upwards and look like an upside-down triangle. Gardeners like to grow witch-hazel because it helps with skincare, like soothing sunburn and bug bites.

7. Yellow Buckeye

Trees with Yellow Flowers 7

Botanical Name: Aesculus flava

Yellow Buckeye trees have an oval shape; they display beautiful colors in the fall. Their dark green leaves turn bright yellows and oranges during autumn. Remember, the buckeyes on the Yellow Buckeye tree are poisonous.

8. Golden Yellow Chain Tree

Botanical Name: Laburnum X Watereri ‘Vossii’

This amazing tree has golden flowers hanging in groups up to 18-20 inches long, making your garden look bright and special. Be aware of their strong fragrance, which might take some time to get used to. Young trees will need stakes to support their trunks.

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9. Yellow Trumpet Tree

Trees with Yellow Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Tablebuia Umbellata

The golden trumpet refers to two species of Tabebuia from Brazil and South America, and they have very eye-catching yellow flowers. These Trees with Yellow Flowers grow quite quickly and have a straight and upright trunk.

10. Yellow Flame Tree

Botanical Name: Peltophorum Pterodarpum

The yellow flame tree, also called “copperpod,” is a wonderful addition to any garden because of its beautiful flowers, leaves, and well-balanced shape. The golden flowers appear in abundant clusters at the tips of the branches.

11. Cootamundra Wattle

Trees with Yellow Flowers 11

Botanical Name: Acacia Baileyana ‘Purpurea’

There are many varieties to choose from, but we have selected an exceptionally beautiful one for you. The ‘Purpurea’ type, in fact, also has a dense canopy of drooping branches with amazing foliage.

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12. Cornelian Cherry

Botanical Name: Cornus Mas

Cornelian cherry is a shrub or small tree that grows well in temperate climates. During spring, these Trees with Yellow Flowers filled with yellow blooms. The blossoms are small and have lime green-yellow petals, but they also have big golden anthers.

13. Blue Paloverde

Trees with Yellow Flowers 13

Botanical Name: Parkinsonia Florida

Blue paloverde is similar to forsythia in its tree shape. It covers its branches with saffron yellow blooms in a big show that lasts from spring to midsummer! Each flower is quite large, and has bright red dots in the center.

14. Golden Shower

Botanical Name: Cassia Fistula

The golden shower tree, also known as the Indian laburnum or pudding pipe tree, is a graceful tree found in Southeast Asia. It has hanging clusters of bright yellow and sweet-smelling flowers that look stunning on the branches.

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15. Tulip Tree

Trees with Yellow Flowers 15

Botanical Name: Liriodendron Tulipiferah

The tulip tree is a tall and majestic species with beautiful, exotic-looking yellow flowers. Surprisingly, it thrives well in temperate and fairly cold climates. These Trees with Yellow Flowers tree with yellow flowers have an orange pattern at the base.

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16. Yellow Weeping Pittosporum


Botanical Name: Pittosporum Phillyreoides

The weeping pittosporum is originally from Australia and can have either white or canary yellow flowers. The blooms are small and hang gracefully from the branches in loose clusters. These Trees with Yellow Flowers have a pleasant fragrance too!

17. California Flannel Bush

Trees with Yellow Flowers 17

Botanical Name: Fremontodendron Californicum

The California flannel bush can grow as a shrub, and its blooms are always breathtaking! The flowers have a saucer shape and are golden yellow on the inside. On the outside, they have beautiful orange veins and bright orange, large anthers.

18. Yellow Silk Floss Tree

Botanical Name: Ceiba Speciosa

These Trees with Yellow Flowers come in various shades, such as cream yellow, canary, gold, saffron, and even bicolor. The flowers are abundant and truly impressive, especially during the late months of the season.

19. Magnolia Hot Flash

Trees with Yellow Flowers 19

Botanical Name: Magnolia ‘Hot Flash’

Even magnolia trees can produce yellow flowers, and you have a few different varieties to choose from. However, ‘Hot Flash’ has the most traditional and classic appearance among them all. While ‘Gold Star’ has thin and very pale yellow petals.

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20. Eastern Redbud

Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis

Eastern Redbud is a small ornamental celebrated for its stunning blossoms that emerge on bare branches in early spring. Certain cultivars of this tree, though less common, feature charming yellow flowers, adding a unique twist to its beauty.

21. Golden Raintree

Trees with Yellow Flowers 21

Botanical Name: Koelreuteria paniculata

In early spring, the leaves of these Trees with Yellow Flowers start as a special pink-red color and then change to deep green. In midsummer, the tree gets covered in long and airy yellow flowers, which is quite rare for trees.

22. Ylang Ylang Tree

Botanical Name:Cananga odorata

The Ylang Ylang is well-known for its amazing fragrance that comes from its blossoms. The scent is a mix of jasmine and sweet custard apple, spreading all around the area. People are attracted to Ylang Ylang trees because their oil is used in many perfumes.

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23. Tulip Poplar

Trees with Yellow Flowers 23

Botanical Name: Liriodendron tulipifera

These Trees with Yellow Flowers are more related to magnolias than tulips or poplars. It got its name from the shape of its greenish-yellow and orange flowers that resemble tulips. In Kentucky, the tulip poplar is the state tree and can be found in all counties.

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24. Golden Bells Tree

Botanical Name: Forsythia x intermedia

Border Forsythia is one of the fastest growing Trees with Yellow Flowers that blooms in early spring. It has a fountain-like shape and sheds its leaves each year. The flowers appear before the leaves on their long, arching stems.

25. Sweet Acacia

Trees with Yellow Flowers 25

Botanical Name: Acacia farnesiana

The Sweet Acacia is easily recognized by its small, yellow-gold puffball flowers that cover the tree in late winter and early spring. The tree has dark brown and feathery foliage, and its branches and stems have thorns.

26. Yellow Elder

Botanical Name: Tecoma stans

The Yellow Elder is a tree that grows quickly and can reach heights up to 10-30 feet. Its flowers are bright yellow and have a trumpet-like shape. They grow individually in clusters and stand out against the bright green leaves.

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27. Ginkgo Tree

Trees with Yellow Flowers 27

Botanical Name: Ginkgo biloba

The Ginkgo Tree is renowned for its fan-shaped leaves that turn a brilliant golden yellow in the fall, creating a stunning spectacle. Its elegant form and hardy nature make it one of the most popular Trees with Yellow Flowers.

28. Yellowwood Tree

Botanical Name: Cladrastis kentukea

The Yellowwood Tree stands out with its graceful appearance and clusters of fragrant yellow flowers in spring. It is a medium-sized deciduous tree with smooth, gray bark, and it adds a touch of elegance to gardens and parks.

29. Yellow Jacaranda

Trees with Yellow Flowers 29

Botanical Name: Handroanthus chrysanthus

These Trees with Yellow Flowers stand out with their striking yellow blossoms that cover the canopy in late spring. This relatively compact tree is perfect for smaller yards or urban spaces. Its fern-like foliage provides a unique texture too!

30. Golden Chain Tree

Botanical Name: Laburnum anagyroides

These Trees with Yellow Flowers are aptly named for their hanging clusters of golden-yellow flowers that dangle like delicate chains. While its flowers are undoubtedly its highlight, it also offers feathery green foliage that provides a light and airy texture.

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