30 Beautiful Trees with Yellow Flowers

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Looking for Beautiful Trees with Yellow Flowers? You’ve come to the right place! Stay tuned for all the information you need.

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the beauty of trees with yellow flowers? Plant one of these, and you will, every day.

Trees with Yellow Flowers

1. Chinese Flame Tree

Trees with Yellow Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Koelreuteria bipinnata

This medium-sized tree is a real showstopper, with leaves that turn a golden yellow come fall. The Chinese Flame tree is pretty adaptable, tolerating heat, cold, and even some neglect. Don’t skip this one if you need something low-maintenance.

2. Golden Trumpet

Yellow Flowers trees

Botanical Name: Allamanda cathartica

The Golden Trumpet tree is a South American beauty that bursts with sunshine-yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers in the spring, before most trees even have leaves. It can lose its leaves for a short while too, but that just makes the flowers stand out even more.

3. Kousa Dogwood

Trees with Yellow Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Cornus kousa

The Kousa Dogwood is like a four-season favorite for your yard. In spring, it produces big, light yellow, four-pointed flowers. Kousa dogwoods are pretty easygoing, tolerating some shade and even giving you nice red fall foliage.

4. Tipu Tree

Yellow Flowers trees

Botanical Name: Tipuana tipu

The Tipu tree loves warm weather and explodes with bright yellow, fluttery flowers for most of spring and summer. The leaves are a cool, bright green and stay on the tree year-round in most climates.

5. Palo Verde

Trees with Yellow Flowers 5

Botanical Name: Parkinsonia praecox

The Palo Verde is an Arizona tree with yellow flowers. It also has a green bark that actually helps it make food, just like the leaves. It’s famous for spindly branches that cast some shade, and it flowers in spring.

6. Witch Hazel

Yellow Flowers trees in garden

Botanical Name: Hamamelis

Witch Hazel trees have yellow flowers. But this shrub is more famous for its leaves and bark than its blooms. Those parts are used to make a special extract that’s a natural astringent.

7. Yellow Buckeye

Trees with Yellow Flowers 7

Botanical Name: Aesculus flava

Yellow Buckeye trees have big, hand-shaped leaves that cast plenty of shade, and come fall; they turn a brilliant yellow. But the real surprise is the show of fuzzy yellow-green flowers in spring.

8. Golden Yellow Chain Tree

Yellow Flowers tree in garden 6

Botanical Name: Laburnum X watereri ‘Vossii’

This small tree packs a punch with cascading chains of bright yellow, pea-shaped flowers in late spring. The Golden Yellow Chain tree prefers full sun and is pretty easy to care for once established.

9. Yellow Trumpet Tree

Trees with Yellow Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Tabebuia umbellata

This cheery tree is absolutely beautiful. The leaves are silvery green with fuzzy undersides. In late winter, the Yellow Trumpet tree shows a nice display of bright yellow, trumpet-shaped blooms clustered at the ends of branches.

10. Yellow Flame Tree

Yellow Flowers trees 3

Botanical Name: Peltophorum pterocarpum

The Yellow Flame Tree is basically sunshine turned into a tree! It’s a medium-sized tree, perfect for providing shade, and pretty low-maintenance once it’s established. And did we mention the pretty yellow blooms?

11. Cootamundra Wattle

Trees with Yellow Flowers 11

Botanical Name: Acacia baileyana ‘Purpurea’

The Cootamundra Wattle is an Aussie native. It has fluffy, bright yellow blooms that completely cover the branches. This tree with yellow flowers is a great choice for a low-fuss bloomer and is quite tough.

12. Cornelian Cherry

Beautiful Yellow Flowers tree

Botanical Name: Cornus mas

The Cornelian Cherry isn’t your typical cherry tree, but it’s a real early bird with beautiful flowers! This shrub or small tree blooms with cheerful yellow flowers in late winter or early spring.

13. Blue Palo Verde

Trees with Yellow Flowers 13

Botanical Name: Parkinsonia florida

The Blue Palo Verde is a tough desert dweller. People love it because it has a smooth, blue-green bark and bright yellow flowers. You won’t need to water it that much, either.

14. Golden Shower

Amazing Yellow Flowers tree

Botanical Name: Cassia fistula

If anyone asks you the name of a tree with yellow hanging flowers, tell them it’s the Golden Shower. It’s pretty easygoing, liking lots of sun and not needing constant watering. Once established, it’s a low-maintenance bloomer that will also attract butterflies!

15. Tulip Tree

Trees with Yellow Flowers 15

Botanical Name: Liriodendron tulipifera

Tulip trees have pretty yellow flowers with orange hints and can tolerate heat, cold, and even some neglect. The leaves also have pointed edges that add to its allure.

16. Yellow Weeping Pittosporum

 Awesome Yellow Flowers trees

Botanical Name: Pittosporum phillyreoides

The Yellow Weeping Pittosporum is a tree with small yellow flowers and slender green leaves. The flowers give off a lovely scent. Once they fade, they leave behind sticky red seeds that birds love to munch on.

17. California Flannel Bush

Trees with Yellow Flowers 17

Botanical Name: Fremontodendron californicum

California Flannel Bushes are native shrubs that give yellow flowers in late spring and summer. You should be careful because they are covered in soft hair that can irritate your skin and eyes.

18. Yellow Silk Floss Tree

Yellow Flowers tree to grow

Botanical Name: Ceiba speciosa

The Yellow Silk Floss tree can easily grow up to 80 feet. Plus, you can spot its big, showy flowers from a distance. Most varieties have pink ones, but some have creamy yellow flowers that look gorgeous.

19. Magnolia Hot Flash

Trees with Yellow Flowers 19

Botanical Name: Magnolia ‘Hot Flash’

Magnolia Hot Flash has beautiful, deep yellow flowers that are cup-shaped. If you look closely, you can even spot the rosy pink blush they have near the base. Just give it full sun to part shade and it will thrive.

20. Eastern Redbud

Beautiful Yellow Flowers trees

Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis

If you’ve been looking for flowering trees with yellow flowers, you need to grow Eastern Redbuds. It’s a tough plant that can tolerate full sun to part shade and many different kinds of soil–as long as it drains well.

21. Golden Raintree

Trees with Yellow Flowers 21

Botanical Name: Koelreuteria paniculata

Golden Raintrees bloom in midsummer with big clusters full of tiny, yellow flowers. Once they fade, the tree produces papery seed pods that turn brown in the fall and look like tiny lanterns.

22. Ylang Ylang Tree

Beautiful Yellow Flowers tree

Botanical Name: Cananga odorata

The Ylang Ylang is well-known for its amazing fragrance that comes from its blossoms. These flowers are a lovely shade of yellow with green hints and are also used to produce essential oil.

23. Tulip Poplar

Trees with Yellow Flowers 23

Botanical Name: Liriodendron tulipifera

Tulip Poplars are flowering trees native to eastern North America. It’s one of the tallest growing hardwood trees and can easily reach 200 feet tall. It also has large, four-lobed leaves that turn a golden yellow in fall.

24. Golden Bells Tree

Awesome Yellow Flowers tree

Botanical Name: Forsythia x intermedia

Border Forsythia is a deciduous shrub that’s valued for its early spring flowers. It’s actually a hybrid of two East Asian species and grows 8-10 feet tall. Just prune it right after flowering, and it will give you more blooms next spring.

25. Sweet Acacia

Trees with Yellow Flowers 25

Botanical Name: Acacia farnesiana

Sweet Acacias are also known as Needle bushes because the branches of this tree are covered in short spines. They have yellow, puffball-like flowers that give off a strong scent.

26. Yellow Elder

Amazing Yellow Flower tree 8

Botanical Name: Tecoma stans

The Yellow Elder tree grows quite fast. It is a Florida tree with yellow flowers and is quite common there. It blooms throughout the warm season and is really easy to care for. These trees can tolerate heat, neglect, and even drought.

27. Ginkgo Tree

Trees with Yellow Flowers 27

Botanical Name: Ginkgo biloba

You cannot miss Ginkgo when talking about trees that have yellow flowers. Ginkgo trees have cones instead of flowers and can grow 100-130 feet tall. Plus, their foliage turns yellow in the fall as well.

28. Yellowwood Tree

Growing Yellow Flowers trees in garden

Botanical Name: Cladrastis kentukea

The Yellowwood Tree stands out with its pea-like yellow flowers. It’s a medium-sized tree that doesn’t grow more than 50 feet, and its foliage also turns golden in fall.

29. Yellow Jacaranda

Trees with Yellow Flowers 29

Botanical Name: Handroanthus chrysanthus

These lovely trees have a rounded, spreading canopy of silver-green leaves with fuzzy undersides. It also blooms in late winter with yellow flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies with their sweet nectar.

30. Common Laburnum

Amazing Yellow Flower tree near home

Botanical Name: Laburnum anagyroides

Common Laburnum trees have yellow flowers that grow on long, drooping chains. These spread a lovely scent everywhere. But don’t let your kids or pets go near these trees–they’re poisonous.

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