This 2 Second Tomato Tip Can Increase Productivity Of Tomato Plants

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This quick tomato tip is simple and effective. It can increase the productivity of your tomato plants.

tomato tip

See that sucker there on the picture?

Suckers are secondary branches that grow in the joints of existing branches. Always, pinch them off!

How does this tomato tip help?

Suckers take energy away from your tomato plants. No tomatoes form on sucker branches. So, it’s best to remove them from tomato plants. You can also do this with eggplants.

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  1. This tip is only valid for indeterminate tomatoes!! If you remove suckers from determinate tomatoes you will have a much smaller crop, and there are definitely tomatoes growing on those suckers on determinate plants.

      • If you buy bedding plants are already growing it will say so on the tag. It will tell you if they are determinate or indeterminant. If you plant from seeds it will say so on the seed packet.

        Indeterminate tomato plants continue to grow, limited only by the length of the season. These plants produce stems, leaves, and fruit as long as they are alive.

        Determinate tomato plants have a predetermined number of stems, leaves, and flowers hardwired into their genetic structure. The development of these plants follows a well-defined pattern.


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