9 Best Thai Herbs to Grow in Containers

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Thai Herbs offer a distinctive taste, and can impart a slip smacking flavor in the dishes! They just need a small pot to thrive!

What makes Thai herbs different from the most popular ones we usually grow, is their subtle taste and unique scent!

Best Thai Herbs to Grow in Containers

1. Thai Basil

Thai Herbs 1

Thai Name: Horapa

What makes this Thai herb different from its regular counterpart is its licorice and mint-like flavor. You can add its leaves in stir-fries, curries, soups, and noodle dishes like Pad Thai.

2. Lemongrass

Thai Name: Ta-khrai

Lemongrass has a lemony scent and adds a zesty, citrus flavor to Thai dishes. It also makes for a great foliage plant, too! Add its fresh leaves to soups, curries, stir-fries, and marinades.

3. Galangal

Thai Herbs 3

Thai Name: Kha

Galangal has a unique flavor with a mix of spiciness and citrus notes. It is a lot similar to ginger and tastes great in curries, soups (like Tom Yum), and certain stir-fry dishes.

4. Cilantro / Coriander


Thai Name:Pakuchi

You will find fresh Cilantro as a part in many Thai dishes, including soups, salads, curries, and stir-fries. They add an earthly, citrusy flavor.

5. Thai Mint

Thai Herbs 5

Thai Name: Bae Saranae

Also popular as Asian or Vietnamese mint, this Thai herb has a unique flavor with a combination of mint and cilantro. A must have in Thai salads, noodle dishes, and stir-fries.

6. Pandan Leaves


Thai Name: Bai Toey

Pandan leaves have a sweet and floral aroma, which makes them a top pick for most of the Thai desserts, drinks, and some savory dishes.

7. Thai Sawtooth Coriander

Thai Herbs 7

Thai Name: Pak Chee Farang

Sawtooth Coriander is quite a common Thai herb that you can also use to add a pungent flavor in soups, salads, stir-fries, curries, and noodles.

8. Turmeric

Thai Name: Khamin

Turmeric is a key ingredient in Thai curries, such as Yellow Curry (Kaeng Kari). You will also find it in Thai soups like Tom Yum and Tom Kha.

9. Kafir Lime

Thai Name: Makrut

We saved the best for the last as you will find it getting used a LOT, because it is the a cornerstone ingredient in Thai cooking. It is a staple in Tom Yum Soup, Thai Curry Pastes, Thai Fish Cakes (Tod Mun Pla), Pad Thai, Larb (Spicy Salad) and Steamed Dishes.

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