How to Get Your String of Pearls to Flower

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Wondering how to get your string of pearls to flower? Well, you need the right tricks, and we have them all for you!

Get Your String of Pearls to Flower in hanging basket

We all love strings of pearls for their beautiful display of plump leaves that dangle down beautifully on those thin, wire-like stems. However, these plants do flower beautifully, too, if you know how to create the right environment for them!

What Does String of Pearls Flowers Look Like?

String of pearls flowers look like miniature form of daises, and have a white-pink-light maroon hue. They also have bright yellow stamens and carry a faint, cinnamon-like fragrance.

The plant blooms from late spring to summer, but do note that this process is rare, and not every plant blossoms.

How to Get String of Pearls Flower?

Get Your String of Pearls to Flower

1. Give them Plenty of Sunlight

Firstly, make sure your string of pearls is in the right spot. These plants love bright, indirect light.

An east facing location, where the plant can bask in the direct mild morning sun for 3-4 hours, and then bright indirect light for the rest of the day will be the biggest boost it will ever need for blooming!

2. Prune Regularly

Start getting rid of the dead and damaged parts of the plant, along with twisty and tangled stems, around spring. This will promote branching, while making space for sunlight and air penetration to all parts of the plant. This will aid in the formation of flower buds around late summer.

3. Feed it!

Fertilizing is important, but you need to know how to do it in the right manner. Get a balanced liquid feed (10-10-10), and dilute it to 1/4 of its strength. Now, after you have pruned the plant, start feeding it every 4-6 weeks.

This will promote growth while increasing the chances of bud formation.

4. Keep it Slightly Root Bound

Get Your String of Pearls to Flower in home

Keeping it slightly root bound is the best tip to see string of pearls flowers! It tricks the plant into thinking that it is nearing its life cycle, as the spread and growth of the root is restricted, and then it flowers to make sure its legacy continues!

However, do note that keeping the plant in excessive root bound state may not be a good idea. Keep it in the same pot till you start to see 1-2 roots on the topsoil. Continue to keep it like that till you see half of the topsoil getting visible roots—that’s an indication that it’s time to re-pot the plant into 1-2 size bigger container than the old one.

Lastly, be patient. String of pearls flowers are a rare occurrence, and they do bloom in the right condition. So, give your plant the care it needs, and you’ll likely see those charming little blossoms appear!

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