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By Larry Storm

Read these basic successful gardening tips to become a better gardener in this article.
small things matter in gardening

The difference between a ‘Successful Gardener’ and a ‘Gardener’ is a thin line of knowledge and experience. Your success as a gardener depends on how much you know about gardening;  which plant you need to grow and when: In October or in March, in summer or in winter, annual or perennial, hardy or tender?

You need to know about your hardiness zone too (*hardiness zones are decided by the minimum temperature of your region). Finding out which zone your area falls into will help you in choosing a suitable plant. Now, if you are living in a temperate climate and deciding to planting a mango tree, this won’t work, neither can you plant an apple tree in a hot-humid tropical climate but if you know your climate conditions and hardiness zone well then you can easily decide an eligible plant according to your region.

Then you ought to know how many hours of sunlight your place receives (more sunlight-more better). Also check your soil type. (*There are three types of garden soil— Acidic, Alkaline and Neutral) and the minerals present in it, by going to your nearby Soil Research Center or you can do this test at your home.

Then you need to know about watering your plants, which is not that easy— wake up and water them, come home and water them or in every two days or in a week? Don’t do this please. Many of us over water or under water the plants: take Petunia, best annual flower, needs less care but if you’ll over water it, it will die off from root rot or if you under water, it wilts to death again.

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Same about fertilizers, exceeding the limit can damage your plant and below the limit doesn’t do any good either.
You’ll also need to find out about the planters and pots that’ll compliment your limited space garden and how to create more space in your garden and about choosing a perfect color scheme for your garden.

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Small things Matter and knowing these small things makes you a better gardener, we are here to help you just check out our articles for a better insight on these ‘SMALL THINGS’ and learn more about gardening.

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