12 Scary Flowers That Are Cringeworthy

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Who will feel anything other than pleasant after looking at flowers? Surprisingly, there are still some Scary Flowers That Are Cringeworthy.

The Botanical world has beauty to offer in many ways, and flowers are its most lovely gifts. However, you will be surprised to explore this collection of blooms whose shape and unique properties make them the most scary and cringeworthy flowers on the face of the earth!

Scary Flowers That Are Cringeworthy

1. Naked Man OrchidScary Flowers That Are Cringeworthy

Botanical Name: Orchis italica

This alien-looking flower is also called the Hanging Man Orchid because it resembles a scary hanging creature. Naked Man Orchids are native to the Mediterranean regions, and their dotted eyes and smiles make you feel like someone is weirdly looking at you. Despite its scary vibes, it is used in making the drink Salep, also called Turkish Delight.

2. Dancing Girls

Scary Flowers That Are horrible

Botanical Name: Impatiens bequaertii

You might have used that ghost emoji on social media. Dancing Girl is a flower that looks somewhat like that, or you can also explain it as some ghost wrapped in a white cloak. The plant itself is quite petite, which trails and climbs, so they make lovely additions to hanging planters.

3. Jackal Food

Scary Flowers That Are Cringeworthy

Botanical Name: Hydnora africana

If I say this is a monster-looking plant, it won’t be an exaggeration! Only the flower grows on the ground, and the rest of the parasitic plant grows underground, feasting on the host plant. This makes it truly one of the most bizarre plants on earth. It has no visible leaves, roots, or chlorophyll. The flower part of this plant takes nearly one year to emerge from the ground.

4. Corpse Lily

Horrifying Flowers That Make You Shudder

Botanical Name: Amorphophallus titanum

The Corpse Lily is technically a compound flower that only grows in Indonesia, specifically Sumatra. It is extremely rare and large, too, with some growing up to 12 feet tall. Its mammoth form and rotting body odor make it cringeworthy on the list.

5. Fly OrchidHorrifying Flowers That Give Us the Willies

Botanical Name: Ophrys insectifera

Orchids have a list of some of the weird and scary flowers. Although their size does not make them that cringe-worthy, the shape is totally scary. The Fly Orchid is a relatively widespread orchid that looks like little flies with black bug eyes. These grow best in the limestone soils often found in woodlands.

6. Protea PinwheelHorrifying and Terrifying Flowers

Botanical Name: Leucospermum catherinae

This flower looks like a round sea creature with scary tentacles that are bright in color. Protea Pinwheels are perfectly suited to adapt to harsh climates. These bloom after exposure to fire when the adult plants, rodents, and other insects that would impede their growth have been destroyed.

7. Voodoo LilyTerrifying Flowers That Make You Shudder

Botanical Name: Dracunculus vulgaris

Voodoo is a scary-looking plant, but its dark purple flower gets the most attention. Here is an interesting fact: This flower is not an actual flower but a spathe, just like the one in Calla Lily. It can give off quite a stink, and some have even linked it to the smell of a dead possum.

8. Brazilian Dutchman’s Pipe

Scary Flowers That Are Cringeworthy

Botanical Name: Aristolochia gigantea

Also known as the Giant Pelican Plant, the flower gives off a foul odor and has a smoking pipe-like appearance, which makes it the least appealing. The easy growing vine is classified as dangerous to the Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly, which confuses the Dutchman’s Pipe with its native host plant.

9. Star Flower

Horrifying Flowers That Give Us the Willies 87

Botanical Name: Stapelia grandiflora

It is called the starfish flower due to its starfish-like shape that mimics the smell of dead flesh. The large fuzzy flower gives it a cringeworthy look, but nevertheless, plant collectors consider it the most sought-after flowering succulent.

10. Devils Hand

Scary Flowers That Are Cringeworthy 45Botanical Name: Chiranthodendron pentadactylon

Some call this tree the Monkey’s Hand or Monkey Paw, which has a scary hand-like shape that explains its name. This flower looks straight from a horror movie, but the positive side is that it has been used for years in traditional medicine. Unlike some tropical plants, the Devil’s Hand tree is extremely hardy and can grow quickly. It grows best in warm climates (USDA Zones 9-11, and doesn’t tolerate heavy frost.

11. Welwitschia

Horrifying Flowers That Give Us the Willies 45Botanical Name: Welwitschia mirabilis

When you look at this flower, it looks like it has a fungus around it, which gives it the appearance of a diseased plant. It is a rare plant that only grows in one place on Earth, a small strip of land in the Namibia Desert between Angola and Namibia. It hasn’t changed for thousands of years and continues to survive in one of the driest places in the world.

12. Black BatHorrifying Flowers That Give Us the Willies 87

Botanical Name: Tacca chantrieri

It has fang-like stamens and black, bat-shaped flowers, which give this plant an eerie look. It’s part of the yam family and is native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. If you want to grow this one at your home garden, plant it in partial shade and provide a humid and warm environment.

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