18 Plants That Grew in Amusing Places

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Here’s a pictorial journey of the Plants That Grew in Amusing Places! Some of these will surprise you to the core!

Imagine discovering a lush green specimen flourishing in the most unexpected places, from tiny cracks in ancient stone walls to the rusted remains of old tools. Our latest feature, ‘Plants That Grew in Amusing Places,’ takes you on a captivating journey to explore these remarkable survivors of the botanical world!

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Plants That Grew in Amusing Places

1. Grass Growing from Car Hood

Plants That Grew in Amusing Places 1

It’s like the grass wanted to hitch a ride and ended up making the car hood its new green carpet.

2. Fig Tree in Russian Man’s Lung


A man in Russia had a tiny fig seed find its way into his lung, and voila! It sprouted into a little fig tree.

3. Cactus Growing Through Screen Window

Plants That Grew in Amusing Places 3

A determined cactus poking its prickly arms through a screen window as if trying to catch a glimpse of the outside world.

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4. Pumpkin Seedling in the Kitchen Sink


Who knew that your kitchen sink could become a perfect pot for a pumpkin seedling?

5. Pea Plant Inside Man’s Lung

Plants That Grew in Amusing Places 5

Hold your breath for this one – a tiny pea plant managed to grow inside a man’s lung! It’s a strange and unbelievable tale of how nature found its way into the human body.

6. Plant in a Padlock

This padlock became an unexpected home for a little green buddy. It’s like nature saying, “I can grow anywhere!”

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7. Oxalis Sprout in a Shovel

Plants That Grew in Amusing Places 7

This one’s a real head-scratcher! A weed decided that a shovel handle was the perfect spot to sprout. It’s as if the weed wanted to help with gardening and found its way into the tool.

8. Plant Growing from the Carpet


Have you ever walked into a room and found a plant growing out of an amusing place? This plant must have thought the carpet was just soft soil.

9. Banyan Tree Growing from Abandoned Factory Chimney

Plants That Grew in Amusing Places 9
People’s Daily, China

Nature definitely reclaims what humans leave behind! Look how beautiful banyan trees have transformed abandoned factory chimneys into towering green giants.

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10. Flower in a Drain Pipe


This unexpected burst of color and beauty as a beautiful flower is growing from a drain pipe in a wall.

11. In a Glass Bottle

Plants That Grew in Amusing Places 11

This one’s a head-turner! A tiny plant growing inside a glass bottle, eager to grow.

12. Sprouting in the Backseat


A little sprout decided to grow in the backseat of a car. It just goes to show plants can pop in the most amusing spots!

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13. A Tiny Seedling in a Tennis Ball

Plants That Grew in Amusing Places 13

Even in something as small and bouncy as a tennis ball, nature finds a way to grow.

14. Fern Growing in the Wall Crack

A plant squeezing out from a damaged concrete wall. Isn’t it amusing how the tiniest plants can break through hard walls?

15. Sprouts Growing on a Keyboard

Plants That Grew in Amusing Places 15

Have you ever seen plants growing between computer keys? Nature doesn’t care about technology; it thrives everywhere, even on keyboards!

16. This Bush on a Speed Limit Sign

The speed limit sign certainly couldn’t slow down this beautiful and amusing bush growing on top of it.

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17. Bodhi Tree on a Building

An apartment building with a large bodhi tree growing on top of the terrace is surely a sight to behold!

18. Tree in an Ankorwat Temple in India

The roots of this tree can mesmerize anyone! This tree is quite a spectacle in an ancient temple in India.

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