8 Types of Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties

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Discover different Types of Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties, which can be a rare addition to your plant collection!

If you love adding quirky plants to your collection that are also easy to look after, cacti are the best choices, especially Pereskiopsis, thanks to its uniques shape!

Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties

1. Pereskiopsis spathulata

Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties

Small and sweet—this is what this variety is and showcases spade like stems that have flat appearance. Give it plenty of sunlight, and the plant will also grow yellow-green flowers.

2. Pereskiopsis porteri

beautiful Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties

Native to Mexico, this plant is pro when it comes to taking heat and drought. It grows yellow flowers that are quite bigger than the overall growth and spread of the plant.

3. Doguet’s Pereskiopsis

Types of Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties 3

This may remind you of pencil cactus! The thin and slender stems of this plant has ridges all over. It also grows pink-white flowers under the right growing conditions and good sunlight.

4. Pereskiopsis aquosa

Amazing Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties

The hint of “aqua” in its name suggest the environment it loves to thrive in—boggy conditions. The plant is native to Central America.

5. Pereskiopsis velutina

Types of Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties 5

If you have an image of cactus in mind where you picture a stubby plant with spines all over, well, this one is just the opposite! It looks like a normal plant that can be a great addition to sunny windowsills!

6. Pereskiopsis blakeana

Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties 4

Another variety with canary flowers, it stays small, is drought tolerant, and grows best in full sun exposure. It is native to southern Mexico and Guatemala.

7. Pereskiopsis kellermanii

Types of Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties 7

This one grows low and stays stubby, and you might mistake it for some sort of weed. It can be a great matt-forming option if grown in clusters in the garden.

8. Pereskiopsis rotundifolia

Beautifiul Pereskiopsis Cactus Varieties
Tuuagso Neps

Last on the list, this plant stands out with red edges on the foliage! It has an impressive growth rate as long as it gets the right light exposure.

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