Pachira Aquatica Care | Growing Money Tree as Houseplant

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Pachira Aquatica care and growing is easy. Also known as “Money Tree” it can easily be multiplied and is not threatened by many pests and tree

USDA Zones— Can be grown in all the zones as houseplant

Difficulty— Easy

Other Names— Malabar chestnut, French Peanut, Guiana chestnut, Provision tree, Saba nut, Monguba, Pumpo, Money tree, Money plant


If you can’t find a potted money tree at the nursery. Growing money tree from seeds and cuttings is possible. However, money tree grown from seed grows slowly so it is better to propagate Pachira Aquatica from cuttings.

Requirements for Growing Pachira Money Tree


The Money Tree likes a bright and warm location. If growing money tree indoors, you need to keep it near a bright window where it receives indirect light. In addition, the houseplant must be sheltered from drafts.


Keep the plant at moderate room temperature. Try not to expose it to the temperature below 50 F (10 C) for a long time as this tropical plant is not cold hardy. However, it can bear slight freezing temperatures down to 28 F for a short period.


Growing Pachira Aquatica needs a well-drained, loose and nutrient-rich soil.


The Money tree requires moderate watering. Keep the soil slightly moist but too much water is absolutely dangerous and causes the death of Pachira Aquatica. It is better to water the plant deeply but infrequently, only when the top surface of soil dries out.

Sprinkle the plant to increase humidity level if possible, as the plant likes high humidity. For spraying, use lime-free water. Otherwise, limescale will form on the leaves and make it look less attractive.

Pachira Aquatica Care


Do not fertilize during the first year of planting. Fertilize the plant with liquid houseplant fertilizer but only in the growing season in every 14 days or so.

Pruning Pachira Aquatica

Pruning Pachira Aquatica is not necessary. Prune it if you want to give it a certain shape or control its height.


Potted money tree plant usually comes in a small pot. Therefore, it is recommended that you must repot it immediately after the purchase. Repotting after every 2-3 years is usually required.


Pachira Aquatica care in winter is important. Overwinter it at room temperature. This should not be under 50 F (10 C), at least not for a long time.

Supply sufficiently light and humidity. Pour very little water in winter as the plant stops growing due to the temperature drop.

Pests and Diseases

Usually, Pachira Aquatica is a healthy plant but braided copies suffer from pests. Common pests like spider mites, mealybugs and scales attack it. Spider mites appear mostly in a dry air. The webs are almost invisible at first. If spider mite webs are visible spray the plant daily to increase moistness in the air to deter them.

There are no particular diseases that affect this plant. Diseases come mostly due to improper Pachira Aquatica care. Most common is root rot, which can be controlled by avoiding overwatering.

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