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38 Mesmerizing Out of the World Houseplant Pictures

Here are the Most Out of The World Houseplants you can adorn your home with for a quirky yet attractive look in your rooms!

If you want something different and exciting, then you should definitely try growing these Out of The World Houseplants!

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Out of The World Houseplants

1. Living Stones

2. Pitcher Plant

3. Fishbone Cactus

4. Bat Flower

5. Rabbit Succulent

6. Coral Cactus

7. Lifesaver Plant

8. Jewel Orchid

9. Cooper’s Haworthia

10. Marimo Moss Ball

11. Butterworts

12. Baseball Plant

13. Spoon Leaved Sundew

14. California Pitcher Plant

15. Pregnant Onion

16. Red Mistletoe Cactus

17. Common Sundew

18. Venus Flytrap

19. Rose Succulent

20. Cement Leaf Plant

21. Sensitive Plant

22. Tweedle Dee Begonia

23. Night Blooming Jasmine

24. Polka Dot Begonia

25. Golden Club Moss

26. Frizzle Sizzle Albuca

27. Pencil Cactus

28. Banana Shrub

29. Crimson Pitcherplant

30. Air Plant

31. Resurrection Plant

32. Monkey Orchid

33. Tiger Jaws

34. Mother of Millions

35. Brain Cactus

36. Chocolate Soldier

37. Echeveria Etna

38. Echeveria Culibra


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