10 Orchids That Look Like Animals

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These orchids that look like animals will surely make you go – wow! The resemblance is super uncanny!

Orchids that look like animals are the wonders of the mother nature! These fascinating flowers are a must have for everyone!

Orchids That Look Like Animals

1. Monkey Face Orchid

Botanical Name: Dracula simia

Like the name suggests, these animal like flowers resemble a face of a monkey that’s smiling with all its teeth on display!

2. Donkey Orchid

Orchids That Look Like Animals 13

Botanical Name: Diuris corymbosa

Next on the list of orchids that look like animals, this one may not look like a donkey at the first glance, but its petals have an appearance of the animal’s ears.

3. Lion Orchid


Botanical Name: Dendrobium leonis

Look at the above image! Do we even have to explain this one? The stripes, the colors and even the way it opens up—all reminds us of a tiger that’s ready to pounce!

4. Green Squid Orchid

Botanical Name: Prosthechea cochleata

This orchid looks like it has invited squids of the underworld on its stems! The flowers in clusters look too quirky to be true.

5. Goat Orchid

Orchids That Look Like Animals 5

Botanical Name: Ophrys reinholdii

Like the donkey orchid, this one too will make you scratch your head for the resemblance, but look closely and the two pointy heads will remind you of goat’s horns.

6. Dalaputtuwa Orchid


Botanical Name: Pteroceras dalaputtuwa

If you will look at the elongated petal section of this flower at front, it will remind you of an elephant’s head and ears, with its trunk swaying!

7. Flying Duck Orchid

Botanical Name: Caleana major

The name says it all and the picture above explains it in the detail! I mean the flower looks so similar, you might even tag it as something fake!

8. Bat Orchid

Orchids That Look Like Animals 9

Botanical Name: Tacca chantrieri

As bats are mammals, we have included this in our list of orchids that look like animals. It does resemble like a bat in a flight! Do note that the plant is not an actual orchid though.

9. Tiger Orchid


Botanical Name: Grammatophyllum speciosum

The stripes and patches on this one, along with the color combination, all reminds us of the skin of the mighty tiger!

10. Zebra Orchid

Orchids That Look Like Animals 10
shutterstock/Shoba Studio

Botanical Name: Caladenia cairnsiana

Thought the flower is of pink hue, the stripes on it surely resemble that of the zebra’s. The blooms match really well with the light green foliage of the plant.

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