19 Orchid Arrangement Ideas

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We’ve got the best Orchid Arrangement Ideas that will help you showcase these lovely flowers in their full glory!

If you love to adorn your home and garden with large and showy flowers that don’t need heavy maintenance and come in tons of colors and patterns, there’s nothing better than these Orchid Arrangement Ideas!

Orchid Arrangement Ideas

1. Orchid Driftwood Arrangement

Orchid Arrangement Ideas

You can create a beautiful tabletop decoration using orchids and driftwood like this idea.

2. Orchids on Rocks

Amazing Orchid Arrangement Ideas on rock

Did you know you can grow orchids on rocks? You can find porous rocks in fish specialty stores that soak water from below so your plant can absorb it easily.

3. Orchids in the Bathroom

Orchid Arrangement Ideas in bathroom

A small orchid arrangement can go a long way in turning your bathroom counter into a work of art.

4. Orchid Wall Arrangement

Orchid wall Arrangement Ideas

You will need pallets of wood for this arrangement. Stick them to the wall, and start planting orchids on it. It’ll look gorgeous.

5. Orchid Wall with Repurposed Fence

beautiful Orchid Arrangement Ideas

All you need is some bamboo or plastic sticks for this one. You can even repurpose a wrought iron fence for this.

6. Hanging Orchid Arrangement IdeaHanging Orchid Arrangement Ideas

What’s better than orchids on the wall? An orchid hanging basket, of course. You can recreate this one with this DIY.

7. Orchid Bed on Long RacksOrchid bed Arrangement Ideas

If you’ve got a long table or a rack that you don’t have use for, why not turn it into a tabletop orchid garden arrangement?

8. Orchids Covering the Fence

Orchid fence Arrangement Ideas

If you’ve got a metal fence, orchids would look really lovely, clinging to it. They’ll also give you a bit of privacy with the lush foliage. Do note that this will work only in a humid climate.

9. Wall-Mounted OrchidsOrchid stand Arrangement Ideas

It’s not hard to replicate this beautiful arrangement. All you need are some pieces of wood, moss, and hooks.

10. Vertical Orchid Garden

Cover up a wall with wooden sections and hang orchid pots on them to make a spectacular display!

11. Tabletop Orchid Centerpiece

You can also pick out a basket like this and go for a tabletop arrangement of orchid flowers.

12. Indoor Orchid Garden

Indoor Orchid Garden ideas

Any old bookshelf can be turned into an orchid garden if you know what you’re doing.

13. Tree Stump Orchid Idea

Tree Stump Orchid Idea in garden

Why not plant one of these in a tree stump and turn it into a natural lawn centerpiece?

14. Tiny Orchid Pot for Porch Table

Orchid Pot for Porch Table arrangement

An orchid arrangement doesn’t have to be massive; even a small one like this can have a huge impact. You can use real or fake plants for this.

15. Indoor Orchid Pot Arrangement

Have you ever tried growing orchids in a small seashell like planter? Well, the above image will surely make you have a similar one for the living room!

16. Windowsill Orchid Pots

Beautiful Windowsill Orchid Pots

You can always spruce up a boring windowsill with a handful of pots or vases filled with lovely orchid flowers.

17. Orchid Tower Arrangement

Orchid Tower Arrangement ideas

There’s nothing more magnificent than entering your home and being greeted by your very own orchid tower.

18. A Staircase of Orchids

Staircase of Orchids decor ideas

Swirling staircases look like a scene from a Disney movie if you adorn them with orchid flowers.

19. Orchid Shower Shelf Arrangement

You don’t have to keep these on the counter. Orchids look amazing on hanging shelves like this. This DIY will help you.

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